Vitamin A Toxicity

(Sama Hoole) #1

I’ve been smashing lamb liver practically every day for nearly a year, with no obvious side effects. But having gone through a few podcasts on Vitamin A toxicity, I’ve got some doubts.

Obviously, it’s not quite on the level of polar bear liver, but it has been argued that you can still overload retinol on lamb, beef, and even chicken liver. To the point where it’s more harm than good. Pharmaceuticals like Accutane are basically byproducts of retinol, for example.

Just wondering if anyone’s delved into this topic.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #2

If you are really concerned, you might have your doctor test your vitamin A level to see what it’s doing.

(Joey) #3

@GenesisOfSama As noted, a Vitamin A serum test may put your mind at ease. In the US it costs around $50-75 … not sure how getting such a test works in the UK.

But as far as toxicity is concerned, I’d wager that eating all that liver is more likely to raise the mortality rate of sheep than to raise yours. :sheep: