Vital wheat gluten

(Jane Reed) #1

After drooling over Fiorella’s recent pizza and bread recipes containing this ingredient, it occurred to me it is exactly one of the proteins which Dr. William Davis, in his Wheat Belly book, says is destructive to the gut wall. Am I wrong?


Thank you for opening this discussion. I will love to see perspectives, here. Gluten has been put in the naughty corner, since it has been associated to bread, pasta, cookies, etc, all high in carbs. When carb-intolerant people cut gluten-containing foods out, they feel better (but why?..carbs? Gluten? Or both?).

Correlation or causation?

For me, gluten alone doesn’t appear to affect my gut. Or my joints. If I eat bread with whole grain wheat, the next day all my joints are hurting and my gut is ground zero. But, if I eat bread made with gluten and an ultra-low carb flour (like almond flour), I feel great the next day (no joint pain and gut feels great).

(Jane Reed) #3

I’ve loaned my copy of Wheat Belly to a neighbor or I’d check to see if Davis tells us the gut wall problem is researched in vivo or in vitro. If the latter, I would imagine that the effect pure protein alone is tested.

Me. I’ve never had a problem with eating wheat, but have become convinced that it could become a problem in the future, when damage to the gut has been in progress for a long time.

If I am mistaken about all this, ref. vital wheat gluten alone, then I would like to know. Pizza crust and bread will be in my future.

(Adam Smith) #4

I, too, have loaned out my copy of Wheat Belly, so I can’t verify what it said there.

I ran into this at Kroger the other day:

They say it is the gluten protein from wheat, with all the starch removed. They claim (key word there…) that there are 0 carbs per serving, although take note that a serving is 0.4 tsp.

I thought this might be handy for keto baking, but I’m very hesitant to trust something like this without a bit more information. Does it actually contain no carbs? The idea of achieving gluten protein chains in non-carb baking is VERY attractive, but it sounds too good to be true.

(Failed) #5

Resurrecting this, hoping someone has an answer about gluten and whether it causes gut issues. Also whether it truly is no-carb at the amounts needed in the fluffy bread recipe. Does it kick a person out of ketosis?