Virta Health Partners with the Veterans Association to bring their approach to 1.5 million vets

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this seems pretty big.

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Every veterinarian should go keto, and all their pets, too! :rofl::rofl:

(Jessica) #4

In my mind, this amounts to government endorsement of an upside-down food pyramid. This could be quite far-reaching if they deem this program a success.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #5

@PaulL @atomicspacebunny

This makes me thing Virta is going to grow a lot and makes me want to seek out employment on their tech side. But I’m just a couple of years away from retirement so maybe that is just a pipe dream.

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Retirement coding, you can still get SSR and work if you want!

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I think it would revolutionize the health care industry once they see how successful people will be?

My roommate is a vet and I hope to see something soon because I go to the VA hospital with him all the time…

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The the healthcare industry will be in a place where they can’t avoid the success. Can you say tidal wave?

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Veterans, veterinarians, Virta can help them all!

@daddyoh Don’t let being about to retire stop you—keto will keep you going longer, and keep you sharper, longer, too! Seventy is the new 50.

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My roommate already has the VHA telehealth service.

Automated female voice talks to him while he does his vitals…lol

This could possibly carry over into Indian Health Services, because the VA uses the same system the Indian Health Services uses!

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Paul - Been thinking a little extra income might be good in the first couple of years. I’m afraid that not working will have me bored.

Will see!


As long as you enjoy the work otherwise I would rather be poor and doing what I enjoy even if it’s not much. I retired early and now I have to worry about a 7mm lesion on a chest CT scan. It makes you realize just how short life is . . .

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:pray: for you if you are into that sort of thing.

I love what I do and love the people I work with. But I do have a desire to learn to draw and maybe paint eventually. So who knows. Retirement is not possible till my youngest is done with college. Then it becomes a real possibility.