Very lazy keto

(Trisha) #1

I don’t count macros at all. I’ve never even tested ketones. I think I’m the minority here. I really hope I’m not doing myself a disservice by not doing these things.

(Sondra Rose) #2

All I do is make sure I keep my net carbs under 20 gm/day. Otherwise, not tracking or testing!


Did you have a goal why you embarked on the keto bandwagon? And are you achieving those goals?

(Trisha) #4

I don’t even count carbs. For some reason I feel so guilty about it.

(Trisha) #5

I’ve lost almost 25 lbs since October., Which is great because I’m a petite person. But I need to work on gaining muscle and tightening my abs.

(Sondra Rose) #6

You don’t need to count them unless you eat them!

That is why I eat a primarily ZC (zero plants) diet. The carbs in most animal foods are negligible.

If you are eating mostly green leafy vegetables, no need to track, either.


@Trisha, the best strategy is to keep things simple. It sounds like you are meeting your keto goals. So, you are doing something right. Good job! Why worry?

Sounds like you have another goal…building up strength, muscle and definition on abs. Head on over to the exercise section of this forum, and ask your question…if you have one…on how to effectively build muscle.

(Trisha) #8

I eat mostly meat, eggs, and cheese. I will eat very dark chocolate with natural PB on occasion. I eat a salad a couple times a week with a small amount of tomato and strawberries. I’ll also put in avocado, some form of meat and homemade Italian dressing. And I like coffee with hwc

(Trisha) #9

Thanks. I will check it out.

(Sondra Rose) #10

Sounds like you don’t need to track!
Enjoy! :smiley:

Keto doesn’t need to be hard work, IMO.

(Meeping up the Science!) #11

I have never worried about macros. The body is a dynamic rather than a static system and macros are general guidelines for a range to obtain a certain result.

I keep net carbs under 20g (when not zero carb) and eat fat to satiety if still hungry after my meals because this works for me. I don’t fuss over protein amounts or calories. I do write down everything I eat, however this is because I have issues with eating unconsciously. Any data I get aside from this is just tangential and I don’t worry about it.

(Julie Crowell) #12

I mentally track my carbs, or like Donna, some days I just aim for zero carb. I think that’s a good point about writing down everything I eat. I can definitely relate to unconscious eating. Sometimes it’s too easy to convince yourself you’ve eaten very little when in fact, that’s not the case.

(Debbie Stella) #13

I’ve always considered myself a lazy low carber. I started out counting and testing. Now over a year later I usually can tell when I’ve over done it with the carbs. Doesn’t happen often-I don’t eat sugar or grains and very little processed foods. I test my blood keystones and I’m usually 0.5-0.9. Never really get much higher. Anyway you’ve got to do what works for you.


I have never tested for ketones. Dont track carbs ( it is a joke to believe the labels tell the truth ). Losing steadily…heading for 50 lbs down.

Just know the approximate carb count of the foods you eat and use common sense.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #15

Congratulations on your keto success! I would term this Free Style Keto and not lazy keto. You’ve committed to the keto WOE and that’s not lazy. You have taken KC&KO to heart :purple_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

(chris.coote) #16

I spent the first month learning all the places carbs were hiding. My biggest source nowadays is spinach. I don’t consciously count now, but I think in the back of my mind, I just keep any given meal to just incidental (probably < 5) + spinach (6g for 4cu worth at most)…

(Trisha) #17

Thank you!


I think you’re totally rocking it! It sounds like you’ve found a natural, maintainable lifestyle. Strong work!


n=1 baby!

(Beth laing) #20

I’m the same way! I wanted to start doing something that I could keep doing and not make it complicated or hard to do and it seems to be working! I am slowly seeing it on the scale but also see it in how my clothes fit (why you should try on a pair of jeans every so often if you wear leggins a lot!) and don’t have a 2pm crash every day anymore. I have coffee with heavy cream and a splash of mct oil (around 3 cups) in the morning and usually eat something between noon and 2pm, which is usually more of a snack and have a nice dinner. Just started adding some exercise – 1X per week to start, then will add once it becomes a habbit. I am planning to try some fasting in February to see if that makes a difference too.

I am doing the 100daysofketo challenge and have a goal weight, but I am more committed to this as a lifestyle then hitting a number. For me, that has taken a lot of pressure off and let me relax and focus on keeping it easy and enjoyable.