Vegetarian dish for Christmas dinner

(Bob M) #1

I have two vegetarians coming to stay for Christmas.

Can anyone recommend a vegetarian dish (or dishes) that I can make for my two vegetarians, or a website that might have any? They eat eggs and dairy, I believe.

Thank you.

(And let’s assume only these two people eat this, as we have people who are gluten-free, dairy-free, etc., and I’ll have dishes for them.)

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #2

Are they Keto also? Or just veg? And true vegetarians, or are they pescatarians?

Edit - assuming they aren’t Keto, I have made all of the below dishes for my dad (pescatarian) for various holidays and all were a huge hit, even with non-vegetarians/pescatarians. If your guests are pescatarian, I have a good holiday salmon recipe also.

(SleepyMotherOf3 🇬🇧) #3

Roasted peppers, filled with mix of butter, onion, garlic,mushrooms, cream, Stilton. :yum:


I used to love green bean casserole around the holidays. Use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth to make it vegetarian. You can make it ahead of time to make cooking easier the day of. My fav. recipe:

Just had another thought, you could make mushroom stuffing just baked in a pan with vegetable broth to moisten it instead of chicken of course. My favorite recipe is the basic one from better homes and garden:

I add the mushrooms as described in the notes but I don’t subsitite the celery, I just add it. I also double the amount of all veggies. I just like the veggies :slight_smile:


When they knock on your door, pretend you are not at home.

(Bob M) #6

Great, thank you all. I believe they eat cheese and dairy. The youngest will make an exception for sushi to eat meat. I don’t think she’s pescatarian though. I was thinking keto, but could be normal, too. They are not keto, but if we have left-overs, I could eat them if they’re keto (unless they have soy; I’m not a fan of soy).

They are my wife’s sister and her daughter (along with two meat-eating people, her husband and second daughter), who are coming to visit from Sweden. So, I can’t just pretend I’m not home. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s going to be difficult enough to not engage in conversations regarding vegetarian/keto/carnivore. I have to treat it like politics or religion: it’s off limits.

(Amy Ramadan) #7

Ratatouille and a vegetable stew are always good options!! I made a summer veggie stew from a good recipe I found on Pinterest the other day, super easy and get good!! If you are still looking for the wcupes, try Pinterest, usually my go to when I’m looking for new dishes to serve!! Good luck!!

(Carl Keller) #8


You could do a pinneapple glaze with pineapple juice and brown sugar on the kabobs. And serve it over some garlic parm zoodles:

(Troy) #9

Funny…or leave a note on the door “ b right back. My local butcher has a once a year flash sale on pork belly “

For me,
I think cauliflower is so versatile!
Simple and cheap🙂
Riced, mashed, whole or in a casserole concoction
Lots of recipes on here too


make your own keto easy mushroom gravy and a side of Brussels sprouts.


Try this! I love her website, she has a lovely tone and none of her recipes are too fussy. Most of them are vegan. She has a recipe file at the top of the page, but this dish looks good to me.

(Bob M) #12

Hi All,

I ended up making this:

Mainly because I could prepare it in advance and cook the day of. I prepared the sauce two days in advance, cooked the noodles and put everything together a day in advance, and cooked Christmas morning. Everyone who had it raved about it. So, thanks for the recipe.

I looked at a lot of the other recipes, too, but only had time to make one recipe.

(Helen Taylor) #13

Whole roasted cauliflower. Baked with spices. Look up a recipe, I’ve not made it but it must look amazing on the table after it’s done.

(Jane) #14

green bean casserole, grilled/roasted brussels sprouts with pine nuts (I like mine grilled in bacon grease with bacon bits but you can use ghee and add bacon bits to your own leftovers), zoodles, broccoli/cauliflower/cheese casserole (sub the cauli for the rice that is in most recipes), grilled asparagus if you can find it.