Vegetarian carnivore- newest dietary craze



Continuing the discussion from Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020:

Lifting the post from the other thread to branch out on a new and exciting, possibly short lived, adventure here.

Post number 649 in that thread went a little bit like this:

Tonight a neighbour came over. She had tried to make “Keto pasta” with cheddar cheese and egg yolks. She found it would not cut into noodles and offered a sheet for us to try.

So I cooked up some very non vegetable (but maybe plant?) No, they are not, mushrooms have their own Kingdom in taxonomy. It’s like living organisms that become food Game of Thrones. When I eat mushrooms I am not eating a plant… non-plant mushrooms in the fry pan fat. And I rolled them in the Keto paste blanket, forming a bakeable construction the English might call a pasty and Italians call a calzone , or a sock is the English translation. Baked it in the 150’C oven for 20 minutes for the win!

Don’t look now, I just invented vegetarian carnivore!

You can have it all: healthy carnivore AND animal loving vegetarian.

When I started a carnivore challenge I never thought I’d be the founder of a new nutrition cult; vegetarian carnivore. Thought you heard of it before? Yes you have, 2 paragraphs up. But this is the first place you heard it.

Is this a fad diet evolution branch point? Do I start my podcast, YouTube channel, tictoc, Insta and Tinder socials right away?

But here you have it (until someone points out another thread from 2017 or some such), patient zero of the newest fad diet.

TV Tropes

Vegetarian Carnivore - TV Tropes

In Real Life, vegetation isn’t necessarily the best source of food. It’s hard to digest, low in some essential nutrients and requires a specialized digestive system in order to properly process it into anything useful for the animal eating said …

Index case

The index case is the first documented patient in the onset of an epidemiological investigation, or more generally, the first case of a condition or syndrome (not necessarily contagious) to be described in the medical literature, whether or not the patient is thought to be the first person affected. An index case will sometimes achieve the status of a “classic” case study in the literature, as did Phineas Gage, the first known person to exhibit a definitive personality change as a result of The i…

You had a try at Keto, it didn’t work for you. What now? You have to eat (eventually)

Well, that lasted about 15 minutes.

(Jenna Ericson) #3

Once lab-grown meat has been perfected you can add that to the very short list of things one can eat as a vegetarian carnivore :slight_smile:

(Full Metal Carnivore AF) #4

@jennasaurus I will never touch test tube meat. I’m a real Carnivore not a science experiment!..:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:



a tiger eating tofu with chopsticks

oh boy…we gotta help that tiger and fast! throw him 1/2 a cow to gnaw on please~ :slight_smile:


OK. I can see it’s catching on. Let’s fan these sparks of excitement. I’ll cut you in on the profits.


what’s 1/2 of nothing?

(Jenna Ericson) #8

I guess it will have to be an all-mushroom diet after all. This would make a strange ven diagram. Stores will be selling out of mushrooms in no time, so get yours while you can!


I have already invested heavily in the edible fungi market.


I love this contemporary twist.

i wouldn’t be shy of eating meat grown from a biopsy in the future. This comment may come back to bite me as the leader of the vegetarian carnivore movement? It’s just the processing looks so toxic at the moment.

(Full Metal Carnivore AF) #11

The Chinese have been making fake meat from Shiitake mushroom stems for centuries, part of the Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. :cowboy_hat_face:


“uploaded January 6th 2020”… maybe not. Lol


Dang it! My nutrition empire is falling apart!

(Jenna Ericson) #14

Oh no, I forgot that vegetarians eat fish! I’ve never gotten this…Do fish not have a soul or something? Maybe they’re just not as cute as a cow. IDK, I think fish can be pretty cute.



that fake lab meat…omg can you imagine what the real truth is behind that?

make people? control the world with fake lab people?

hey yea I can go there truly. I put absolutely past the powers that control this world and it scares the crap out of me.

now, being in a chemical food brain fog of carbs and sugar and chem. crap…I don’t notice…put me in a clear brain and ‘truly see’ all the insanity out there, yea I can go there.

baffle the population with BS, keep them slugs and on low incomes to just make a life and try to survive, concerned about only personal issues for survive, you can then control the entire planet. Hey they tried before in the old days ya know HAHA they will definitely do it again! :slight_smile:

now who is there with me?


Just the pesky vegetarians.

(Jenna Ericson) #17

Yeah, on second thought it’s probably good that a lot of vegetarians eat fish. They’re the one’s who are good at compartmentalizing. There are a lot of things that I’m not good at, but my ability to compartmentalize is something I’m proud of, which is part of why I’m not vegan or vegetarian despite loving animals. I love animal 1 and I eat animal 2, I do not eat the thing I love and I try not to love the thing I eat :yum:


How did I missed this topic?
Vegetarians don’t eat fish. It’s a body of an animal and not even an innocent mistake as worms in apples.
Pescatarians eat fish.
And some vegans says fish is vegan but obviously not.

“Vegetarian carnivore” is a term I have in my mind since I started to skip vegetables several weeks ago and the other plants pretty much went with them but I had no meat. I managed not to have any such days but I probably will in the future. Tricky, I need to run out of not only meat but lard and tallow too and I get better at having non-vegetarian things at home.
A vegetarian carnivore meal is obviously quite possible and many people have them.

I totally eat some of the animal species I love if it’s tasty and available to eat (i.e. someone kills it for me and give it to me). I don’t see any significant problems with it. My anchestors went farther, they ate the very animal they were nice to, their kids played with them… They were peasants and pigs are nice, social, playful ones, good companions, no wonder many people keep them as pets too. And they are very tasty as well. Life is tough in this planet for most animals, those pigs hadn’t the most miserable life. I am not used to that but I understand they did it.

(Elizabeth ) #19

If you’re not in eating plants and you’re not eating meat then what are you eating? That makes no sense

(Bunny) #20