Vega Protein & Greens plant based

(Matt) #1

I am in Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart had a sale on Vega brand Protein & Greens Vanilla.
Has Stevia in it. Stevia is so hard to find sometimes, reading each bucket pale.

Not looking at not dropping $120 for 5lbs or $60 for 3lbs for Diesel NZ Whey.

Vega was on sale for $25 from $35 I think or 40cdn - receipt does not say orig
Its for 526 grams, its good to get smaller batches as the price for the popular Diesel NZ Whey Stevia is $24/lb(454g) and I am not in building bulk mode quite yet, just maintaining, bicycling and cardio. Probably lost some muscle, dont want bulk, never will want bulk, just keeping up with the muscle loss of age and gaining everyday muscles to get up out of a pool or off the ground.

Appetite so full on Keto and int.fasting, I eat much less and need the 1.5g of protein per lb or kg.

The prices all come out the same whether its milk whey protein or vegan protein. $20/lb. The Vega is in 526g, DIesel NZ Whey is 3lbs and 5lbs for stevia.

Brand is Vega - Protein & Greens is plant based, I bought the Vanilla. But I can return it for the Diesel NZ Whey with stevia. Just I am cheap. Was on sale

Pea Protein
Pea Starch
Spinach Powder
Brown rice protein
Organic kale powder
Xantham gum - Thickener is all I know
Stevia leaf extract
Papain powder
Sachia inchi powder
Organic alfalfa grass powder
Brocolli powder
Natural flavors - Its nice not to have this in the ingredients list, but most have it.

1 scoop (30g) is 110 calories, 2g fat, 270mg sodium
5g carb, 1g fiber, 1g sugars
20g protein
526g for the entire pale.