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I got told when starting the keto way of life , that it would be very restrictive and hard to adhere too. I don’t think I’ve eaten a broader range of meals ever and putting in all the keto veggies that I never got enough off. I feel as if I’m gaining not missing out on anything.
I was looking at the “what did you keto today” chat with pics of everyone’s meals. They all looked amazing I’m excited to explore the thousands of different options yet to come. Hope you are all well. Cheers. L.


Ha! Try carnivore on a budget and without the ability to eat much meat :smiley: That was a tad restrictive to me back then (I can eat much meat now and I don’t even get bored if I have variety), still way easier than keto (unfair comparison as the only hardship was the less than minimal amount of vegs but when I tried carnivore, I lost interest in them already - but still, the keto carbs interfered, I feel my diet less restrictive if they don’t come into the way :wink: I eat in a way more limited way but it’s usually enough) :smiley:
(I am an undisciplined one and anyway so I don’t often do proper carnivore, it’s relaxed anyway, I eat dairy and of course eggs galore but it still can be considered somewhat restrictive I suppose ;))

But keto? Keto allows anything! Some carby things must go in the case of most of us though but I don’t think it’s such a big loss, of course it’s highly individual and I had my hardships too, see me going off all the time… But zillion plant and animal products are definitely keto friendly, tiny amounts aren’t needed… And yep, the pics… Whoever says keto has no huge variety, doesn’t know keto options very well :wink:
There are some limits but it’s not particularly restrictive.
The usual fat-loss diet ideas are way more restrictive and hardly help much with health except maybe if one constantly threw bad food to their bodies in excessive amounts, some rest may be good then… But there are lots of problems too.

If the goal is maintenance then it depends. My SO eats high-carb and without some kind of (not problematic) restriction he can’t keep his figure and health. But on the right diet we just don’t feel the need to go wild all the time (as I did on high-carb, it wasn’t for me, it’s for my SO though) to feel pleased and satiated. Not being able to do absolutely whatever isn’t so bad IMO especially if we get healthier in return. I actually don’t even feel FREE if I am a slave of my unhealthy cravings… (Not even if they aren’t particularly unhealthy, that’s why I quit coffee for a while.)

It’s sooo individual what is hard to do for someone. Eating high-carb is so hard, it’s impossible for me :smiley: I can’t just stop keto, well I can but I immediately come back… It’s so normal for me after 12 low-carb years that I go into some self-protecting mode when people say keto is stupid. I can’t NOT do it (without huge force and I can’t inflict that on me), what’s then? Is my body stupid to like very low-carb? I don’t think so. It really feels people talking against keto just have a bunch of preconceptions, lack of knowledge and maybe they try to persuade themselves or others why not to make efforts for health. it has that flavor, I don’t say they NEED keto, maybe not. But dismissing it in general when many of us know very well it’s the right way for us… Sigh.

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Hi @LPT, I know what you mean ive been looking at my shopping list for next weekend (its payday next week as i only get paid once a month). My ex Chef mind is racing with all the options that are open to me and the family and realizing that i can use butter and olive oil liberally. It’s exciting me again and making the Health and Safety man i have become, fade into the background.


I experiment with a variety of food so much more than I did before keto. I don’t miss anything at all.In fact I have never been more satisfied/happy with my food options.


Before low-carb, I mostly ate normal, traditional food.
Then I started to experiment and make new recipes.
The variety didn’t drop (only ingredients wise though I added a few new ingredients too at some point), I just ate different, better dishes.
It’s so lovely I don’t dilute my tasty food with neutral tasting carbs! Never liked sandwiches but when I took my only fav and just skipped bread, that was amazing!


Nope! Nothing restrictive about it. But people who like to put in minimal effort to actually make a meal like to say that a lot. From multiple years of keto being in fad status it’s amazing people still think that.

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Same folks who keep the “Billions Served” outlets going. Why bother cooking when you can eat stuff from a bag and box without leaving the driver’s seat? Mmm … good.


But cooking is super easy on keto if one prefers that… (I complicated it but 1. it’s a hobby 2. I did vegetarian keto. Now I am glad I can cook and bake for my SO as my carnivore food doesn’t need much. I have some more interesting recipes but start to lose the need for them so often.)
And one can buy fried meat too in many places…

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Yes exactly how I feel. :grin: