Vacations on Keto

(Rebecca ) #1

I have searched the topics and have read how people have handled vacation eating. I would, however, like to hear some current opinions, please.
My Husband and I are finally headed back (since 2019) to Cabo San Lucas & Todos Santos MX in 2 weeks. We will be situated on the Sea of Cortez so fresh seafood is bountiful, as are local beef steaks. I always make us breakfast in the villa (eggs and bacon).
Meals in general really aren’t a concern for me. I dont eat fruits or sweets HOWEVER, there is a little, local cafe that serves the most delectable Mexican Spiced Mocha coffee drink!! I can’t imagine going and not having some…and yes I plan to.
I’m just curious to hear how you approach foods on your vacations?
Please share!!

(Bacon enough and time) #2

I eat as low-carb as possible, even on vacation. How much sugar is in that spiced mocha coffee, anyway? Can you enjoy it without sugar?

Given that seafood and steak are abundant on the islands, I’d be ordering one or the other (without sauce or rice or pasta or potatoes) along with a nice salad (with chunky blue cheese dressing, by preference). That’s usually plenty for me, and I don’t need dessert. I normally have to ask for bread not to be brought to the table, because I am likely to eat it.

In fact, the last time I had a sweet dessert, it wasn’t as thrilling as I’d hoped, because my taste had changed. I now prefer unsweetened chocolate, whereas it used to be so bitter I couldn’t stand it. I occasionally make a keto cheesecake with a non-sugar sweetener, and I find that a level of sweetness that is more than enough for me is often inadequate for the non-ketonians in the house.

(Bob M) #3

What I’ve done lately is partake of some carbs at some times, just try to make that number be pretty small. So, you get some “treats” but at the same time, don’t really overdo it.

But it also depends on whether you’re an addictive personality or not. I’m not, so I can have some ice cream or whatever and not end up in a 5-6 month carb binge.


I eat whatever I want, basically, vacation or no.
My body definitely doesn’t want high-carb especially sugar and my taste is the same as always so I try to find proper food and/or bring my own.
And the more carbs I can’t avoid (though it’s all about my desires as I hardly can imagine being forced to eat carbs), the more important to keep my eating window tight at least. But it’s me.

I can’t have normally sweetened items (biscuits and chocolate may work with a TON of black coffee but that must be something seriously tempting) due to my changed sweetness perception and I don’t even want my desserts being particularly sweet at this point, usually. So I would be unable to drink that drink unless I could ask for zero sugar and sweetener in it. But if you like it… And know that your body is fine with it, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it for you. I am much more brave with starches than sugars as the latter is trickier. And if I don’t eat my own food, some carbs add up anyway… Better keep the sugars low. And keep the carbs for extremely tempting and inevitable ones. If your Mocha coffee drink is that for you, enjoy it, I would be a hypocrite to talk against eating sugary things very occasionally and carefully. I never had the option to resist temptation myself so I never would say to do it. And sometimes it’s a totally thought over, calculated not-even-risk.

(Robin) #5

I would just have a small amount and saaaaaavor it.

(Rebecca ) #6

Thanks everyone! My thought was 1 or 2 for the week. The dark chocolat they use has spices in it, but I don’t know the sugar content. I don’t recall them being overly sweet.
I never get desserts and don’t eat any starchy sides. Plantain is common but I pass it up.
My heart is singing at the thought of finally going back!!


I agree, Dr. Fung thinks it best to have higher carb stuff at the end of the meal. So maybe have one of those as your dessert after lunch.

Or you could use the drink as your breakfast meal. The main thing is do not have it all the time.


What’s a vacation / holiday? :thinking:

I seem to recall rumours of such things, but after time have written it off as paradise myth.

But sometimes I recall…no, that must have been a dream! Such things are too far fetched.


Joking of course!- I’ve actually got the rest of the week off.

Not going anywhere exotic, just local attractions with my sister and neice whom are home from England for a break.

In answer to
your question, I would just ‘disect the menus’ you encounter at the restaurants, removing the high carb parts of the dish by request, and maybe adding other low carb ingredients from other dishes on the menu if you like? It’s worked for me. Good luck.


If it’s a good reataurant, who cook as fresh as possible, with some other prepped ingredients…and the staff are good and professional, no doubt they’ll be happy to amend their menu to serve you what you wish. And secure your generous tip as well!

(Bob M) #11

That might not be too bad, if infrequently used. When I was trying “resistant starch”, I used plantain at times. It does have some resistant starch in it, and can be less carby than other items.

And, if you’re doing a lot of walking, that will help mitigate any sugar hit you get, especially if you walk after eating.

(Rebecca ) #12

Yes, all restaurants are very accommodating.

(Rebecca ) #13

We do a lot of walking, swimming and hiking…and relaxing too, of course!!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #14

The World’s Largest Bad Haircut exhibit.

Syke. Doesn’t exist.


To Dena.

So my mum, sister from England, her daughter my neice and I are going here tomorrow (it’s about an hour away from me, but i can’t remember ever going there):

Marble Arch Caves - Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

Then they are going to the North (Antrim) Coast for a few days, and I’ll remain at home with a gin or two before my planned upcoming abstinence. :slight_smile:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #16

Ohhhhh I love caves! Sometimes before bed, I’ll watch spelunking in extremely tight spaces videos. My hands actually start to clam up, and I remind myself I’m in my bed and really happy that my fat butt isn’t stuck in a cavernous hole.



Watch a guy called Mr. Ballen on YouTube.
Full of real life stories like that, people getting trapped etc…scare the bejubus out of ya.


(Little Miss Scare-All) #18

I do watch Mr. Ballen! Some good content. Nothing says relaxation before bed like fatal caving accidents.



Unless I’m really hungover and hugging myself for dear mercy…then seeing someone bungee jump off a bridge without the elastic cord attached, by accident…can make the stomach and breathing somersault!


Sane people do exactly what you’re planning on doing, ENJOY their vacation! Keto isn’t your religion! Eat stuff you want to eat, just don’t be reckless about it, that’s all. When vaca is over you burn stuff back off, NOT a big deal!