Vacations on Keto

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Well my advice to you is, stay on the guided tour route. If you find yourself saying “hey where does this hole go?” then you’re already on your way to becoming a human drain stopper. Then you will remember this conversation and feel silly when they are buttering the hole and tying a rope around you to hoist yo’ butt out.



Just checking the weather out…it closes if it is raining because it floods.

Yeah. Not great weather for this time of year, only 18 C, whereas it was 31 C last week.
But, at least it looks like it will be dry enough:

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A rising tide floats all butts. [rim-shot]


I’ll slip outa that cave hole rescue no problem these days…I’m down to about 30 inch waist.

Problem is, my smallest jeans are 32 inch waist, which I luckily can manage with a belt.

The rest of my jeans stock from the past few years?
History- sent to charity shop. They were bloody expensive jeans too!

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I feel like I’d still be stuck and also drowning :joy:

Well you’re going to come out of the hole and put on a better show than the actual cave tour itself. Defo bring a belt. :grin:


A rising tide fills all water butts.

Yep. Time I went…


Make it with it and totally deliberately and I still won’t watch it… :scream:

Caves and corpses in the water presented in an informative and entertaining way? Any time.
I never would do cave diving, that’s sure.

Yeah but so many of us have no idea what is our limit. Especially in the beginning but not only then. I know a few things now, after several years but there are too many factors so being careful is best, at least on a holiday when I don’t want to mess up anything with feeling subpar. I just know my body can tolerate much but it surprised me before so… No, let’s be as strict as comfortably possible.
I don’t see why sticking to keto all the time would be like a religion. I see it a very logical decision from someone who needs it or just likes keto food best (especially when they align. why to sacrifice well-being for basically nothing to gain? bad deal). Of course, many of us aren’t like that. If one knows themselves or have no options as the tempting stuff is THERE (oh I know that so well…), I totally understand, I usually just say my general “be careful” things in these cases. As I’ve read too many times than someone went crazy and was in pain for a too long time. Some people are sensitive.

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But watter ye gonna do about it? :rofl:


I’m not diving into that one for sure…I’m outa my depth.


LOL. I’ve things to do, gotta go.

My head’s swimming here…

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That is exactly the way I am looking at it it! It’s a week of my life…


As somebody that learned that eating to satiety is nonsense, because that’s not a thing my brain understands, I have a surefire way to combat this.

I don’t eat until I’m full, I eat until I’m tired :grin: Once I can’t chew anymore… I’m done.

I think that’s self Policing, people like that, don’t ask these questions. People who feel like they’re on a “diet” do, which is fine. But that mindset also goes hand in hand with feeling deprived on a vacation when they can’t eat things they want to. As much as I loved all my fatty keto foods, and 100% though in most ways we had it better than the low fat eaters, I still always missed the carb-y garbage. Now that I do TKD/CKD, I don’t, since I get in more carbs now, granted that the good ones and not cakes and desserts, but it still helps that part of my brain that felt restricted.


I have decades of experience of overeating. I should stop when I am able to. Possibly when slightly hungry, I still will overeat, probably but not that much.
We are totally different at this. Eating as little as I can (from all macros) is a great advice for me, probably quite wrong for most and horrible for you I suppose.

But I meant we don’t know our limit regarding carbs. I could eat way, way, way more (simple) sugar than what feels right. I can do it with starches as well but that’s harder as my body tolerates them way better.

I never miss it, actually. I do go off a lot because I still get tempted and I never resist that and why would I when it’s not an empty tempting but I know I will get joy from it and I can handle it well… But they almost always makes my day worse. I risk feeling a tad off. I wouldn’t want that on holiday.
And some people should deprive themselves, poor things because they get SICK when they eat what they want. Even a worse thing than what I possibly can have with my nudging, opinionated but pretty indulgent, sturdy body (as long as I don’t keep eating much carbs for days in row).
And I understand, you missed your carbs, I don’t but I love the joy from some of them so use them in moderation (or not but that’s ONE day) - and others dislike higher-carb or certain carby items - or not but can’t handle them (be it physical or mental) and as they aren’t masochists or self-haters or suicidal, they keep away. We all have different priorities, circumstances and reasons. Of course the right behaviour may be very different from us. It doesn’t make any of those wrong, they are right for different persons. Or the same ones at a different time of their life.

It’s so strange to me when someone has problems with people being little heros (in my eyes) doing what is best for them even if it’s hard. But maybe it’s easy. Only wanting keto food sounds believable to me, it surely happened to many people.

For many of us, there are no such things as good carbs…
And people like me don’t want most of them anyway, just the bad ones :smiley: Like my precious, beloved, we will be in a loving relationship forever fruits… They are one of the worst (simple sugar without much else that is really useful unless I eat in some insanely bad ways and can’t even get my vitamin C) I know but hey, I can handle them in moderation and they are lovely. Sometimes annoying, 7 months from 12 is quite much for fruit season but what can I do? sigh I just try to stick to carnivore more and hope for another jump in my evolution. Regarding quantities as I would grieve them too much if I totally lost interest in them. And tiny amounts often make bad things quite okay. Our body can handle so much, we just shouldn’t overwhelm it.


In Marble Arch caves today. Unfortunately I took a lot of the good pics whilst on the move (because I was keeping up with tour party) and they came out blared and unusable, but I was static for these:




All done!


There are 11.5 kilometres of tunnels, caves and caverns, with underground streams and a miriad of different types of structures formed over hundreds of thousands of years (stalagtites, stalagmites and many more- the better one’s all have their own individual localknicknames too).
However the tour itself only takes in 1.5 km, but all a good route and varied, with pathways, stairways, streams etc. and it’s lit up so that you don’t need caving or climbing equipment etc., and even young children can do it accompanied.
Every tour has its own tour guide providing the geology, the caving discovery and history, the chemistry, the safety and also the local nicknames and superstitions around some of the bizarre structures formed from the limestone rock and the river that runs over it, through it and underneath it.
Experienced cavers/divers can do the whole 11.5 kilometres on rwequest apparently, equipped correctly with all the equipment including climbing gear, wet suits, breathing apparatus, cave maps, lighting etc. But I never saw any of that today.
If you ever in that neck of the woods (Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh), give it a viist. Plenty of people from USA & England there today.

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Wow those pictures are great. I would have loved to go. Ever see the caves that glow in the dark??


I haven’t no.

TBH honest, I’m not really into caves, but I did have a good day out today, in all the aspects (apart from driving, which I had to…and everyone else slept!).
Those pics were just to show.

OK, showe me these other glowing caves…blow mine outa of the dark! :slight_smile:

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They are from glow worms. Located in New Zealand. Would love to go see it.


Looks great!

The acoustics in caves are amazing.

There is a boat thing at Marble Arch…wasn’t on today :neutral_face:
More annoyed for my young neice.

Yeah, maybe get there some day.