Using Garlic

(Richard M) #1

I have read that garlic is good for you. Do you feel the same? I for certain do not eat enough and wondering how to get more.

How do you use Garlic for health benefits? Is the salt and powder good enough? Or is minced garlic and/or actual garlic what I need to use? If so, isn’t it very strong to eat? How do you prepare garlic to eat? Is there a supplement just as good?
I saw this and wondered if this is a good option?


Pickled garlic, fun! :smiley: And it’s easy! Too bad my SO disliked vinegar (I love it) though he accepts it for pickled vegs so we will see.
Not like we have any problem with garlic smell but it’s nice to have variety. Poor garlic when I have some, it lasts ages as we don’t really know many dishes to use it for. I don’t eat it at all (I can get everything I need from elsewhere, I never ate anything for health only) but I liked it in the past, always on toast, I put a ton of it on a slice :smiley: Oh it was ages ago. I had some replacement keto stuff but they didn’t stick. And I couldn’t stand it near my meat after I tried carnivore and a tiny time passed.
But it’s me, it could be great for others :slight_smile:

No. Well okay, raw garlic is one of the few items I don’t eat all alone but I always liked it in a bigger garlic/whatever else ratio than others :slight_smile: It’s personal taste.
Powder isn’t nearly as tasty, it didn’t work for any of my dishes requiring garlic, I just use it in dishes where mixing them well is good and I accept I barely will feel anything…

(UsedToBeT2D) #3

Garlic powder, salt, pepper, on all my grilled/fried meat.
Bake garlic whole at 350F until it’s squishy. Then eat it whole or squeeze it on your scrambled eggs. YumLish!!,


I dumped garlic. Best thing I ever did for me personally :slight_smile: Being carnivore as I did put a tiny bit of fresh minced garlic on my steaks when frying when I changed to zc, real fast the taste changed to a very sweet taste and I dumped it fast. ick.

No, I don’t feel the same it is good for ya :wink: I also read up on it and of course this is IF one consumes too much but it doesn’t have all that great of a real health for the body in general for some.

of course a tad on food enhances flavor for many tho. Very commonly used for meal prep.

but honestly I can smell garlic a mile away from those who ate it in some meal, it doesn’t smell that great on people HAHA


I talked about garlic with my SO. He likes it on top of his meat but as he eats too little meat to make that separately from mine and I hate garlic on my meat with a passion, he never eats that (I told him maybe it won’t harm my piece if the garlic is on top of his… I don’t want him not enjoying what he likes!)… He has no idea what to do with the pickled garlic… Actually, I don’t know it either. I probably would just eat it on my sponge cake (that I use as bread. it’s 100% eggs) with some butter…? Or alone, maybe. It’s raw so maybe with meat but it’s very unnecessarily and I can’t imagine I need plants for health :smiley: Nothing against plants but they are more or less fun useless things to me at this point.

Oh my, Fangs is right, it’s sweet! That may pose a problem. Raw garlic is mostly powerful, strong so its sweetness doesn’t bother me, I wonder what vinegar garlic is like… But I wanna see it to become green so I will make this experiment!!! :smiley:

And yep, I have read things against garlic on keto sites before… I ignored those too, it’s garlic, my body can handle it if my tastebuds and mind desire it…

(Robin) #6

@Tim_Cee……yes, Shinita! Pickled garlic, with cream cheese (on a cracker in the old days) is sublime. Just make sure everyone around you has some too. Cuz, well… you know.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #7

In a previous lifetime I ate both garlic and onions. I never had any problems with vampires. I have no use for either now - and still have no vampire problems.

(Tim Cee) #8

I prefer stake over garlic for vampires. I use garlic pepper salt on steak for taste. I doubt there’s a vegetable on the planet that can improve on the nutrition provided by a slab of fat red meat. Plants have their place as minor contributors to food.

(Bob M) #9

Like most things, garlic has its place. I’ve been making fermented pickles, which use garlic. I love these pickled mushrooms, a great addition to meat lunches:

Uses garlic.

I have a recipe for pickled/vinegar green pepper pork chops, with quite a bit of whole garlic. But the garlic gets cooked a while and becomes delicious, no real “garlic” flavor at all.

I don’t see issues with garlic, unless garlic has an issue with you.

(Tim Cee) #10

Garlic more effective than antibiotic? Bool sheet.

(Bob M) #11

Not saying we should throw away our antibiotics, but…


I do enjoy garlic quite a bit. While I tend to eat very low carb, I will add roasted garlic to my meat from time to time for flavor. :grinning: It’s delicious roasted in the oven until soft, like someone else already stated.

My family isn’t low-carb, but I do tend to cook as low carb for them as they will tolerate and include a garlic in as many dishes as I can for them. Delicious stuff, garlic! :smiley:


I am a hermit except I live with my somewhat garlic-loving SO (as he has very few dishes where he can use it too). I very often tell him he smells onions as he totally adores onions and eats them a lot… (He used to know it’s a complaint. More like a fact.) Today he bought a leek and ate some of it.
So it’s fine. But I doubt I will eat garlic often.

(Stephanie ) #14

My family and I eat garlic all the time. We buy the minced garlic in a jar and sometimes fresh. We add it to darn near everything. Meats like ground beef, steak, pork, sauces, roasts, dips. We also use garlic powder and garlic salt.

(Robin) #15

That you know of…. :wink:

(Robin) #16

Jus at got the “stake” pun. Well played.

(Doug) #17

:sunglasses: That is my go-to as well. We have a dedicated container/shaker with a mix of the three in them; drilled out the holes in the top slightly, enlarging them to handle flaky salt or pepper not ground very fine.

:bangbang: It sure is. :slightly_smiling_face:

I get peeled garlic, as a labor-saver. Maybe a layer of olive oil under the garlic cloves, maybe coat them all before roasting, maybe have them submerged in olive oil in the oven - it’s all good.

@Fangs Here’s how you do it - do you want me to get you one of these? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile:

(Tim Cee) #18

I stand corrected.


I put garlic into my liver+pork+egg fried things, I totally blame this thread (and pork liver being borderline inedible to me).
But it was good! It helped with the taste. I still prefer some better meat with only salt but I always liked garlic so eating it once in a blue moon is nice. And now it helped making something not so great I won’t throw out (or feed to the cats) okay tasting.


Nah, no thanks, been there had that and way over it, never wanting it again :clown_face::face_vomiting::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: