Use of the word "cheating" if we occasionally choose to eat something not on our regular food list


Great post. I think that is my motivation too - not to throw scorn but to encourage people back on the wagon. I am so glad you have turned your health around for the better.

(Kathy Swanson) #22

Me too, Daisy! I can’t go back, not ever, it really is a matter of life and death for me.

(Richard Morris) #23

It’s just a common category that folk can turn notification off for, and not become triggered. If I could deemphacise the folder as a default I would. Make inotification “opt in” rather than"opt out" . I’d do the same with SPAM SPAM SPAM too if possible.

(Meeping up the Science!) #24

99% of the time when people do that they are probably unconsciously seeking validation for their poor choices, IMO.

(Precious Honey) #25

I dont see it as someone who is looking for permission. The way i see it is as someone who chose to do this who is fully aware of the consequences letting other people know that you arent committing some great sin by eating or drinking something carb. That you can do it if you choose to and still come back and be on this diet. Not everyone is a slave to what they eat (and i dont mean that in a shitty way) I was very very much addicted to sugar but since i have stopped eating it i dont crave it all that often. When I do its a mental thing not a physical thing. I also know that if I have a bite I wont wreck my life and I can get back on the horse tomorrow. I realize that not everyone is me and im not asking for you to understand me. But there are people that DO understand me. This diet isnt just for very ill people and yes this is a forum for people with t2d but by accepting all of us into the fold so to speak you bring us as we are “flaws” and all.

(Meeping up the Science!) #26

That is why the subcategories can be valuable. For the people who are able to do this, that is their space to do it without censure or judgement.


That is what I like about the forum. It is for everyone. The FB page was focussed on T2D but this forum is keto and all it encompasses. Safe place for EVERYONE.

(Laura) #28

The two times I ate non keto for an extended time was when I was sick, and had a lot of nausea. Both times were about 3 to 5 day and I generally just ate pita bread w/ shredded cheese, microwaved. As soon as I knew I could go back to keto, I would plan one meal of something I missed. Was never as satisfied as I thought I would be.

The next day I would be right back on keto and never look back.

Other slips would happen when I ate out, usually with a sauce. I just go home and be keto, but on this diet, I never felt the need to beat myself up over it. Unlike other diets where I would fall off and stay off.

Keto forever…unless I have the flu or a severe case of vertigo.


Why would you eat off keto when you are sick? Is that the nausea thing? Just wondering what the reason was as I feel I heal better when I am keto.

(Kathy Swanson) #30

I get vertigo. It is so debilitating! But, I have managed to eat keto while in an episode (if I can eat). In fact I had an episode this week. I upped the magnesium and salt water. It didn’t seem to help though. What do you do (assuming you have this condition). Thanks!

(Laura) #31

I have only had it once and it lasted almost 2 weeks. And I lost most of the hearing in my left ear. Went to the ER and got medicine for the nausea and dizziness. Didn’t help a lot so I went to the pita pizza as I call it.

Hearing may return, otherwise it going to be a hearing aid. Still a bit off balance.

(Laura) #32

Really bad increase in acid production… plus the nausea is why I couldn’t eat keto. The thought of protein and fat made the nausea worse.

(Kathy Swanson) #33

I have suffered from it for years (90s) and can relate to the hearing and balance issues. I truly hope you NEVER have to experience it again :slight_smile:

(Laura) #34

Me too, I never want that again. Do they know why you get vertigo?

(Kathy Swanson) #35

Dr’s have never been able to tell me exactly. I feel the most accurate diagnosis I received was vertiginous migraines. Much better on keto except that they can be triggered by environmental things as well as stress.

(jketoscribe) #36

I have benign positional vertigo and the biggest help for me was a physical therapist who specializes in vestibular therapy. It really helped.

(Precious Honey) #37

My mother suffered from vertigo and went to some sort of therapist that had her doing things that in my mind sounded redonk. Stuff with saline in her ear while she followed some program with her eyes and holding her breath. ( not exactly what she did but you get the idea) next day vertigo was gone

(Kathy Swanson) #38

Yes, I had all the therapies. Alas none of them worked for me. They are very good for benign positional vertigo :slight_smile:

(matt ) #39

Glad that people understand why we created this board and why “cheat” posts will be moved here. Our goal is not to shame, but to keep these posts away from people at risk that don’t need to hear about “carb comas”. The struggle is very real for a lot of 2KD peeps.

We want the 2KD forum to be a safe space for people with T2D and IR while at the same time helping anyone that has come to this WOL for help.

Many groups would not even allow posts like this let alone create a board for them. So let’s not judge, let’s just be awesome as a group.



Gotcha. That sounds horrible.