USDA - Dietary Guideline ~ Infograph


(Troy) #1

Many on here on the forum are familiar with the above mess😡

Just a tool or resource for “now”…

Hopefully, this can WILL BE updated correctly in 2020 from the efforts of Nina Teicholz and others😄

(Carl Keller) #2

Sorry if I remain pessimistic. The people in charge of this stuff have been saying the wrong thing for my entire life. And as long these committees are populated with people who have serious conflicts of interest, I don’t believe much change will occur. I do hope I am wrong.

(Todd Allen) #3

Is it fixable? Or perhaps I should ask is it broken? I mean what should we expect from dietary guidelines issued by the Dept. of Agriculture instead of by the Public Health Service?

(Karim Wassef) #4

The world is changing. Where communication and decision making was historically from an elite minority to an under-educated majority, we are moving to a world where an over-informed and hyper-educated majority can make decisions on our own. We can pick our own experts to follow and name those in the educated elite to communicate with.

The government can only screw things up by interfering. Real market forces are finally coming to bear and that inertia is massive.

Our real challenge is the $ poured into active and knowledgeable disinformation with the intent of keeping the majority sick and mind-controlled for profit.

Any investment needs to go into educating doctors, other healthcare professionals, influencers like actors and politicians who are truly aware, chefs (famous ones would be better - Bobby Flay?), school teachers and administrators. It’s a war of ideas and the only way to fight the dark forces of disinformation and obfuscation is with true science and education.

Just had to say it… :slight_smile: let the revolution grow one person at a time…

(Omar) #5

The pressure on the dietary health advice is mounting. They will be forced to change.

just like the pressure on religions