US Govt agency acknowledges my diabetes is CURED!

(Raj Seth) #1

I am an airline pilot now (for just over a year, this is my second career…)
Since I was diagnosed diabetic 10 yrs ago, I had to jump through special hoops to get the FAA (federal aviation administration) to allow me to have a medical certificate under a “special Issuance” allowing me to fly. I had to supply medical documents annually to show that my disease was controlled and not devolving into renal failure, retinopathy or neuropathy - ie kidney eyes and feet.
Well, I went keto Halloween Oct 31, '17, and was able to get off all medications Jan 23, '18 with an A1c of 6.0. At my next checkup in early April, my A1c had dropped to 5.9, and my BP was 110/70

As required every year, I put in those medical status documents at my April FAA medical exam.

2 months later, I get a letter from the FAA saying that I was off my special issuance, was on regular medical standards, and despite my history of T2D & hypertension, I no longer needed to give them medical updates.

Someone at the FAA AMCD (aviation medical certification division) was willing to concede, in writing, that diabetes is reversible/curable.

Woot Woot

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This is great; documented proof.

More importantly, I’m excited for your improved health. Way to go!

(Allie) #3

Oh wow, fantastic result!



(Sophie) #5

Bravo, Well Done You!!! :clap::clap::clap:

(CharleyD) #6

Phenomenal Raj! And I bet those vitals are better than most!

(Ellen) #7

Fricking awesome, go you!


Way to go! Congrats

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Remember in Miracle on 34th Street? When the US Post Office delivered all that mail to Kris Kringle at the court house and the judge had to concede that if the US Post Office, a federal agency, recognized that the man sitting before him was indeed Santa Claus then who was he to argue and he ruled in favor of Kris’ mental capacity. I love that movie. :slight_smile:

(Raj Seth) #10

I am in full concurrence that the fact that a sleepy dogmatic federal agency acknowledging that diabetes is curable is a VERY significant keto accomplishment.

(Raj Seth) #11

now if only the FAA would talk to the FDA, the USDA, the AMA, the ADA, and any other members of the alphabet soup.


YUP! I’m a CDL driver (hopefully not for much longer) and we have the same crap with the DOT for years trying to pull us off the road with every excuse they could come up with. Luckily Trump axed their evil rein against everybody with even a slightly elevated BMI and their sleep apnea study scam last year and they started backing off on lots of stuff they used to be impossible about. Their LEARNING… that they need to LEARN about this crap!

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

Wow that is so cool. Congrats on all your successes.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #14

That is an amazing NSV. You should be super proud. Well done :slight_smile:

(Raj Seth) #15

Thanks Katie, yes, it is an amazing NSV.
However, I don’t know if being proud properly reflects how I feel. More like:
I am grateful to the dudes, @carl & @richard for enabling this
I am humbled by the fact that it took me 54 yrs to figure this out
I am sad to see others, all around me, that are terminally sick and don’t have to be
I am angry that the situation has gotten to where the vested interests are aligned to keep us sick and dying
I am disappointed that my faith in science and logic has been shaken, since they have been so completely perverted in the last century

(Jeanne Wagner) #16

How satisfying! Well done.

(carl) #17

Well done, Raj!

(Jacob Dueholm) #18

Good for you buddy. Good. For. You!

And me too, by the way. I was a full blown type 2 diabetic using two types of pills plus Victoza and Tresiba (for injection). Went on keto this April, and I am now medicine free!

It goes to show that processed foods destroy lives!

(Jeanne Wagner) #19

Congratulations Jacob! It’s a wonderful feeling to beat the disease. I did too. Wahoo!!

(Liz Lang) #20

I am so happy for you. I am hoping to hear similar news when I go for my first A1c since going keto 6 months ago. You are so right that it is humbling to see these results after years of killing myself slowly. I am hoping to live a little longer and healthier for my grandchildren. The diabetic nutritionists were telling me 50 grams carbs per meal - which was not working- but I don’t know if I could’ve kept myself under 20 a day - until I was taking over 100 units of lantus a day and still getting readings over 200. It had to get that bad before I was ready to make the move. But I still wish I had started this 10 years ago. Good luck to you and well done!