Updated 2023 Body Fat Calculator

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There are several calculators here, including a Keto one!

US Navy BF Calculator

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The keto calculator looks amazing! if it’s accurate?

Says my fat intake should be 1200 kcal/day or 133.5 grams and 105 grams of protein.


Where is the keto calculator?
EDIT: I saw your other thread, I go there! :slight_smile:

The body fat one said 44%. Sigh.

I can’t eat that little. From fat, yes if I do my best, I am minimizing my fat intake since ages, after all but I need more protein.

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Well it’s a great way to lose weight. Between my first and second body fat calculators, I lost 15% body fat, about 20 lbs I guess.


No calculator (not even myself, the only reliable one) took my hunger and appetite away so it didn’t happen to me :slight_smile:
Though I had a time when the problem was that I couldn’t eat lean enough… It’s still tricky, actually. Basically everything has so much fat! Or I don’t like them without adding a bunch of fat. But I will make it happen :wink: If I must, I gain as much muscle as possible first and get more active than ever. One day. Not now.

I lost much fat (slowly but without sacrificing much) when I ignored the calculator and ate a few hundreds kcals above its “maintenance calorie intake”… Those were the good times.

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That sounds about right.

It’s a good place to start from, at least; you may need proportionally more protein or more fat.

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There’s more than one fat calculator, if you’re bored today. Lol. My first attempt (waist only) said 40% body fat, my second one with waist, hip and neck said 25%. I like the second one better.


I am never bored if I have Internet or a functional brain or a book :slight_smile: But I don’t care about these numbers, I mean, I look at myself and see I am fat, knowing the accurate BF percentage isn’t so important. It doesn’t even tell how I look like as I have lean body parts (my wrists were bony even at my highest), chubbier ones and then there is my belly, my problem area…

And I know very well I can’t measure accurately.

Multiple measurements are better but they can’t be really accurate either if I think about how humans work… It helps to say something but reality may be different a bit…