UPDATE: I finally reduced my CAC Score {seemingly good news}


To be honest, they were quite vague about the details before the test. However, they insisted that my wife came with me to drive me home, which should have given me some clues…

UK health care is a complete lottery - occasionally very good. My GP surgery is rubbish, but the local hospital, despite a poor reputation, has been excellent for both myself and my wife.

Sounds like your exercise protocol is working. MMMV of course but I ought to follow the lead of doing HIIT.

(Bob M) #22

If anything, I’d say higher k2, not oxalates. Though I’m noy sure what oxalates do, if anything.

Those scores aren’t bad. I saw some very high values of what your calcification is supposed to do per year, and yours is way below that. (Though they were in percent per year, and I can’t wrap my head around multiplying something by zero.)

(Joey) #23

Yeah, going from 0 to 1 is nothing when it comes to a calorie, but everything when it comes to a computer.

(Bacon is better) #24

For one thing, they cause kidney and gall stones . . . :frowning_face: