UPDATE: I finally reduced my CAC Score {seemingly good news}


To be honest, they were quite vague about the details before the test. However, they insisted that my wife came with me to drive me home, which should have given me some clues…

UK health care is a complete lottery - occasionally very good. My GP surgery is rubbish, but the local hospital, despite a poor reputation, has been excellent for both myself and my wife.

Sounds like your exercise protocol is working. MMMV of course but I ought to follow the lead of doing HIIT.

(Bob M) #22

If anything, I’d say higher k2, not oxalates. Though I’m noy sure what oxalates do, if anything.

Those scores aren’t bad. I saw some very high values of what your calcification is supposed to do per year, and yours is way below that. (Though they were in percent per year, and I can’t wrap my head around multiplying something by zero.)

(Joey) #23

Yeah, going from 0 to 1 is nothing when it comes to a calorie, but everything when it comes to a computer.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #24

For one thing, they cause kidney and gall stones . . . :frowning_face:

(Nina ) #25

Thank you for your diligence in sharing your story. I believe there are many folks this has happened too including myself. My first CAC score was 8/2019 and was an 89. I started Keto in 10/2019. I had another CAC score in Jan 2020 and it was 238. My cardiologist is the infamous Dr. Nadir Ali. You may have seen some of his YouTube videos. He’s the one that put me on Keto. Needless to say I was VERY dismayed to see such a large increase in only 1 year. I take all the standard supplements talked about here. I exercise and do strength training and have never been healthier or as strong. I decided in 2/2020 to start the ideal protein diet. Basically I am low carb (35 to 55 net but not in ketosis, 80 to 110 total), 110 to 120 protein, and 37 to 47 fat. I have not had another CAC since I’ve been on ideal protein. I will have another done either in December or January. I see Dr. Ali in November for another round of blood work. I do have cheat days, basically saturdays, I eat what I want. I do get cramps in feet and don’t sleep well Saturday night. I also stopped keto because my sleep pattern after 18 mos on keto became very bad. Didn’t sleep but 4 or 5 hours a night. Getting off Keto improved sleep greatly! I am hopeful that my increase after 1 year from 89 to 238 was this healing process mentioned. Like you either way I feel great in low carb. If you have links to Dr Ford Brewers videos you mention please share if you can. God bless!