Update big time

(William P Pochis) #1

about 10 days ago I had apost I expected to much, told you I weighed 374 I believe, well I found a problem with scales, I may have been in the 380 range and scale corrected I woke up today 5 pds lighter then yesterday down to 371 in 10 days, my figures show at least 9 pds and that is being modest. now I am fired up.

(Susan) #2

That is great, William, keep it up!!

(Bob M) #3

To put this in perspective, I saw a tweet from someone on Twitter, and he lost…wait for it… 385 pounds so far. That’s right, he’s lost that amount of weight. More than you weigh.

It’s definitely possible.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #4

(Marianne) #5

That’s like waking up on a Saturday and for a minute, thinking it’s a Friday.