Unsweetened chocolate


I found this at Trader Joe’s, it’s completely unsweetened chocolate at $2 for a pretty large size bar. I’m less in need of things to be sweet these days and this is very satisfying.

(Allie) #2

We have these in the uk too. Expensive but worth it.

(Cristian Lopez) #3

I use the 100% bakers chocalate bar

(Ruth Beardsley) #4

I buy the 90% Lindt. Nom nom

(Tom) #5

There’s a chocolate shop near where I live in sydney who does 99% chocolate bars, flavoured with various oils. Orange, Mint, and some more exotic ones. Delicious! Satisfies a craving with only a square or two, and the whole bar lasts a week as opposed to being devoured in a sitting like the 80% version might have been pre-Keto!

(zubair) #6

hi, where can these unsweetened chocolates be bought? ive eaten sweetd chocolates and other junk all my life and i need somethung to fill the crave


In Germany I found this one

I recognized that there are huge differevces between the brands. Even with 100 % there are choclates with more carbohydrates.

(Louise ) #8

Ohhh do they have an online shop?

(Pete A) #9

90% Lindt here too. I’ve learned to just eat 2 squares.I don know how I feel about that haha The bar sitting on the counter has been there for months so it’s an “occasional”.

(Tom) #10

Yup, Coco Chocolate based in Mosman and Kirribilli. Look in the Dark Chocolate Bar section or search for “No Sugar” for their No Sugar No Sweetener Range. Enjoy!

Edit: just found the direct page to the no sugar no sweetener range!

(Allie) #11

I’ve seen them in Sainsbury and Waitrose but you can order them online too :blush:

(Ivete C) #12

Yes I love this one, been getting it for less than £2 from Sainburys, it’s so satisfying that I won’t eat more than a square or two a day. I have tried all others in the market and Montezuma is by far the best in my opinion :yum:

(Candy Lind) #13

I saw these when I was in Trader Joe’s before Christmas, didn’t pull the trigger. Now I guess I’ll have to pull in there again on my way into town.

(mary) #14

image https://www.theochocolate.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/1707_Theo_BakingBars_85_Web_NC.png

This is the most flavorful dark chocolate I’ve found…, scoop a square in Trader Joe’s unsweetened sunflower seed butter as a daily treat. :heart::yum:

(J) #15

Ghiardelli has a 92% ultra-dark that comes in individual serving squares. I will eat one many days with lunch.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #16

I like Baker’s unsweetened 100% cacao chocolate.

(Allie) #17

Best I’ve found.

(She had one feck to give and that feck is gone.) #18

That’s the stuff! I really like the texture. It’s also not too bitter and NO ONE in my family will touch it :laughing:

(Jamie Marie ) #19

My Trader Joe’s also has Montezuma’s 100% chocolate, and it is so, so good.

(Cristian Lopez) #20

That’s the stuff🤤 I hate when people try it and spit it out saying it tastes like charcoal. No shit! Your use to sweet things. I also like Wild Foods cocoa butter! I would try Lilly’s but they use dairy in there’s so that’s a nope for me.