Unsweetened Cacao Powder - Break a fast?


(Josh) #1

Good morning. My first post here.

I recently decided to up my fasting game. From a 15/9 to an 18/6. To do this I found a recipe for bulletproof coffee that calls for unsweetened cacao powder. Only 1/4 a tsp.

I definitely need to get used to the taste, but I worry (as I’m sipping this right now) that my fast is being compromised.


(Bob M) #2

Well, this whole “breaking a fast” thing is a bit complex. I think there’s a range of effects, and often you may lessen the benefits of a fast, but you won’t truly “break” it.

Supposedly, the thing that affects fasting the most is protein. Does cacao have any protein?

Even if so, if it makes you go longer and you feel okay, I don’t see the harm.

(Allie) #3

If you’re having BPC already then it won’t hurt as you’re already taking in calories. Depends why you’re wanting to fast, in many ways just the BPC will break it.

(Josh) #4

Thank you for the replies.

I’m doing the IF / Keto thing for weight loss in the short term, and overall health in the long term.

I weighed 197 last month, and 185 just this morning. Goal is 165.

(Robin) #5

Wow, good results so far!
Even if something technically ‘breaks” a fast… it’s only a problem if you find an issue.

I never do anything that I can’t or won’t sustain.


Oh it’s easy, no problem then unless you have some individual reason.
I do IF because it’s normal for me, it’s to minimize calorie intake as well but mostly convenience and not being hungry. My goal is clean fast but that’s not how I roll, apparently… I don’t force it. Tiny cocoa/coffee/tea, little milk or cream, I used to have 1-2 rosehips during walks, sometimes a sorrel leaf… I never worried about those too much, they didn’t go against my primary goals, I just couldn’t say I truly fasted for whatever long. I prefer that but if it’s too hard, so be it. I focus on what is most important.

(B Creighton) #7

I’d be more worried about the coffee than a 1/4 tsp of cacao powder. I fast to maintain metabolic flexibility, a little fat burning, autophagy, stem cell promotion, and mTor suppression. This probably is not an issue at 1/4 tsp of powder, but I recently learned a few tidbits about cacao. First, it is a good source of PQQ, which promotes mitochondrial biogenesis and weight loss as a result. However, cacao powders from Latin America, especially Peru, can be somewhat high in cadmium, and sometimes lead, while cacao powders from W. Africa tend to be lower in these heavy metals. The Volupta brand at Costco is sourced from Peru and Equador according to the bag, and has been independently tested as one of the brands higher in cadmium, and low average in desirable polyphenols. Surprisingly, Target’s Good and Gather brand of cocao powder tested well in both catefories, so I have switched… JFYI.


The BPC killed the fast long before an ignorable amount of cocoa did.