Unstalled (again!)

(Debra J griffith) #1

Posting this in case it will help others.
I have stalled for at least 6 months (will bounce around between 147-151). Occasionally I would try fasting, but I hate it. So I experimented this past week and founds my 2 answers.

I have been carnivore for several months which helped a little. I was a cheese addict, though, so that was my first mountain!

So I dropped ALL dairy, even the little bit of HWC I used in coffee or tea. That helped a bit (stopped gaining, down around 2 lbs).

What I RWALLY started noticing was the type of meat I was eating and my reaction to it. If I ate lean protein (poultry or fish), I lost, literally overnight. I tested this several times.
But eating 70/30 ground beef, I gained, also overnight.
At this time, I was strength training 1 day a week, and was tempted to blame that but I FELT fatter and clothes were tighter. So I knew it had to be diet related.
So it is definitely too much dietary fat for me. I am keeping it around 60 gms/day and will monitor.

(Susan) #2

That is awesome, Debra, I hope that your success continues. I have also gone Dairy Free =).