Unexpected NSV!

(Hormones suck!) #1

I drove past Little Caeser’s today on the way to the grocery store. In the past my reaction would have been cravings. Today, my instant reaction was very close to revulsion, and I thought to myself “why would I want to put that garbage in my body?”

It’s such a new mindset for me. I was a bit shocked!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #2

I’m “different.” (Well, we all knew that.) I get a craving AND think to myself “why would I want to put that garbage in my body?” Lucky for me, body wins 98% of the time.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #3

@PaulLs mantra of “You can have that Thai food, but not today” really works. If I wait until tomorrow, I am usually past it. But good for you that you don’t even crave it in the first place. I’m a tiny eater, so I think some of my cravings just relate to needing more calories. There are ladies on here that eat steaks in quantities I can’t fathom (nothing wrong with that, I love steak). But hey, one year in, so far, so good.

(Raj Seth) #4

When i walk past a pretzel, candy or donut vendor in an airline terminal, the aroma of sugar is almost nauseating now.
No fear of falling back

I do still love me some Dunkin’ :coffee: So have to tolerate the aroma up close

(Edith) #5

I used to tell my kids I was the Cookie Monster. It’s always been easy to stay away from most sweets except for cookies. Even now, after two years on keto, if I see some cookies I will miss them.

Luckily, that’s as far as it goes. Not liking keto desserts due to the after taste of the alternative sweeteners also helps.

(Jill F.) #6

My son is autistic and LOVES Little Caesars pizza. He would eat it 24/7 if I allowed it. I get him a pizza every Friday, it is kind of our thing. In the pre keto days I would order him a cheese pizza, then get a whole seperate one for me and crazy bread, for me too. I would eat until I was stuffed then full of regret.
We still get his pizza on Fridays, I cut it up, touch it, smell it, and am never tempted. I have scraped toppings off once and it was actually pretty gross and gave me heartburn. So strange how these things lose their appeal after keto.

(Hormones suck!) #7

Oh gosh, I might be tempted if I was up close and personal. :scream: Good on you for abstaining!

(Brian) #8

LOL!! Little Caeser’s. I know, lots of people love 'em, or at least used to love 'em. Sorry, but I am not one of 'em. Never cared all that much for New York style pizza or most of the stuff sold in US parlors, certainly not enough to actually be tempted to buy some on purpose.

Now if you said Oregano’s deep dish pizza, you’d have gotten my attention. Maybe not quite keto but some of their offerings aren’t far from it. And pushing aside the crust on one of those babies leaves about 90-95% of the good stuff still there to eat. Can’t say that with NY style…


(Installing flame suit…) :smiley:

(Jill F.) #9

Thanks, trust me the struggle was REAL the 1st few weeks doing keto since he lives on carbs. I literally hold chips, crackers, bread, cookies, nuggets and pizza all the freaking time in my hands and dont eat it. I had keto flu soooooooo bad at 1st it has been a great deterrent! Lol

(Brian) #10

Bless your heart… and good for you! :slight_smile: