Understandably very VERY excited about this weekend’s bacon sale


(Karyn) #1

I’m sure some other Cannucks here can share in my enthusiasm:

Loblaws & Independant have thick-cut old fashioned bacon on sale starting tomorrow. $8.88/kg! January 17-19, 2019.

I’m making room in the freezer now…

(Sophie) #2

And this is how you know you’re a Ketoer! :smile::+1:


Fixed that for you! :slight_smile:

(Carl Keller) #4

I’m pretty spoiled. I get free bacon 5 days a week at work. :sunglasses:

I immediately thought of @Ketodaisy when I read this title.


That’s a pic of her baconspree when it was on sale at Walmart.

(Daisy) #5

Mmmm bacon lol

(Daisy) #6

I’m already down 3 of those lol. They won’t last long!





Didn’t you get a free burger? #where’smyfreestuff


Not FIVE days a week!


Join the union - that’s exactly the sort of thing they like to take on. True story :lying_face:


The BACON Union!


That would improve membership :grin:

(Running from stupidity) #13

Mmmm, makin’ bacon

(Carl Keller) #14

If you can grill or saute, high volume, I’d be happy to send you an application. :wink:


Tempting. :thinking:

I’m not sure I can, but I’d be willing to learn.

OTOH, if I could cook, I’d have to drop my “Laziest of Lazy Keto” title. Afraid I’m gonna have to pass.

Thanks anyway!

(Rosemary Easter) #16

I eat bacon and eggs every day and have been doing so for over a year but suddenly every video I see on Keto says this is only something to do at first to get fat adapted and then to move on to food more “healthier” such as plenty of veg! Can’t remember who was in these videos but pretty sure Don Dagostino was one (sorry, Dom, if I am wrong!)
What do others think? It is so confusing to get conflicting information but I am certainly seeing more articles on keto suggesting to eat what is really a vegetarian diet. Perhaps this is part of the Vegan brain-washing that is going on at the moment? This morning on the news, BBC, said that one hamburger a week was all the red meat we needed!


Yes, all BS and silly distractions. Ask yourself what the source of the information is, what the facts are behind their assertions, etc. A lot of people have been doing keto for years (some, like Dr. Westman for decades) and haven’t needed to do things like move to a near-vegetarian diet.

Does eating bacon and eggs every day work for you? Do you feel satiated and happy? Are you meeting your health goals, weight goals, body composition goals, and any other goals you have? Keto is one of those things that is beautifully simple and then over time, as you desire, you can tweak things as you want as long as you are still comfortable with all of your goals.

I think that’s why a lot of people flood the space with so much contradictory advice: overall keto is easy to define and gives the vast majority of people solid results. It then becomes a personal thing based on what your own goals are, i.e. some people want to build a lot of muscle, some people want to address a health issue, others are interested in eating as many carbs as they can while staying in ketosis. Until you really are fat adapted and comfortable with things there’s no need to go changing things up.

Hope that helps!


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(Rosemary Easter) #19

Yes, that does help. But I don’t feel comfortable telling people what I eat because can’t stand the looks of pity!!! I only ate one meal of bacon and eggs yesterday and probably will do the same today as am just not that hungry and I love eating these things but it seems too good to be true!


It is true. And it is too good. But it’s not too good to be true. :slight_smile:

Just return the same looks of pity when you see them chowing down some sandwiches or a “heart healthy” pasta for lunch. You love eating it, it’s (presumably) having great results for you, and it looks like you have your appetite solidly under control with keto as well. What’s there to lose?