Under my driver's license weight!

(Lauren Malhoit) #1

NSV: I’m 20lbs under my license weight, which was 20lbs less than what I actually weighed before keto :wink:

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(Kylie Woodruff) #3

That is brilliant! My license photo is shocking!!! And it’s another 9 years I think until I change it haha!

(Lauren Malhoit) #4


(suzanna) #5

I’ve always wanted to weigh under my reported weight on my drivers license…I haven’t been 150 for over 20 years! When I hit 150 again I’ll renew my license with a new photo

(Mark) #6

I hit that a few months ago and thought it was pretty cool also, I’m 30 pounds under my license now and by biomarkers are much improved since starting this,without the ketodudes I wouldn’t even know the word biomarkers, I listened to the podcasts and happy to be hearing something sustainable,and effective,I knew I was never going to eat six small meals a day,never made since to me anyways.

(Tony Sheldon) #7

I’m 70lbs under my license and shaved so I look quite a bit different. I’m thinking at some point this year I might want to go back down and get a new one taken. Likewise with my passport before I go traveling next year. On the flip side it would make for a good conversation when you showed people your license and they questioned if that was actually you. You could get a lot of people to convert to Keto that way.

(LongHaulKeto) #8

Just got my new license. Looks like a totally different person! Would post a photo but have yet to figure out how.

(Terri) #9

@ginnyshelby have you tried clicking on the “upload” option in bottom corner of a text box?