UK's 12th oldest man, reveals what he eats every day for longevity...shocking



I think this may be more down to exercise and genetics, rather than nutrition!
And we don’t know his metabolic/medical history either. But good luck to him.
I wouldn’t eat that muck even sweetened up.
Here’s the short article anyways, enjoy.

Britain’s 12th oldest man reveals the one thing he eats every day for a longer life (

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That woman in France, who lived to be 132, attributed her longevity to drinking wine and smoking cigarettes.

The late Queen Elizabeth made it to 96, and the rumour was she was eating a ketogenic diet. Perhaps that was her secret. H.M. the King, if he eats the same diet, coulde easily make it to 96, as well, but of course his reign will inevitably be much shorter than his mother’s.

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I wonder if that was what he mainly ate the entire day?

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I think if shredded wheat, fish n chips and mushy peas were the secret to longevity, there’d be a lot more centenarian English folks. (And what the heck are mushy peas, anyway? Someone once gave my husband a joke gift, a can of Mushy Peas and a can of Cockaleekie Soup, both of which sound pretty horrifying.)


Mushy peas are traditionally served with fish and chips here, with tartare sauce.
Cockaleekie Soup is a Scottish soup.

Both are delicious by the way, but I suspect the soup is more keto, if you hold the barley.
(Chicken and leak soup with extras)

Traditional battered cod and chips with mushy peas and tartare sauce


Why do Brits eat mushy peas?

Mushy and parched peas are both surviving remnants of medieval and earlier British diets . Harvested in late summer, dried peas could be stored year-round and, with beans, were one of our main sources of protein.

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The soup looks good. I’m sure the peas taste good, but they look a bit unappetizing.

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Mushy peas are the British version of U.S. canned peas. Very different from fresh peas, or flash-frozen ones. My mother could never understand why my dad and I liked canned peas, because she grew up on a farm. I tried to explain in vain that I liked them both, and they were very different foods, despite being both called “peas.”

And cock-a-leekie soup is a Scottish version of chicken soup, with leeks featuring as the main vegetable. It’s a tastier version than run-of-the-mill chicken soup, in my opinion.

Leeks, if you’ve never had them, are very tasty in their own right. It’s a very mild taste, even though they are related to onions and garlic. Much tastier than celery, too.

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The soup actually sounds very nice, but a hard pass on the peas, always despised mealy peas or beans.

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Seems very similar to a thick split pea soup, something which I think is quite tasty.


Pretty sure wine and cigarettes are top of the health foods list in France, that place is nuts.


Wasn’t there chocolate involved too? I seem to remember that… :thinking:

I am sure it’s mostly genetics. And other things that diet or other parts of the diet when we see some odd and “can’t be healthy” things from very long living folks.

And of course, other people’s ideal diet isn’t our ideal diet. I wouldn’t care if some extremely great, extensive and honest study would show something as it’s not about my individual needs. And there is the mental part. If I feel miserable on my diet, even if it’s good physically, it would cause problems.

I don’t know either. I am glad I learned a few years ago what corned beef is :smiley:

Mushy peas sounds suspicious, cockaleekie sounds hilarious :smiley: I think about a rooster soup with leek! :wink: But I could be wrong as corned beef isn’t beef and corn either…

Oh but it seems it is right this time…
Leek is pretty nice cooked in things even though my SO almost always eat it raw. I ignore it but yeah, vegs are mostly in my past except maybe some juicy or crunchy ones here and there. Peas are tasty but they still disappeared from my diet, how things change…
I always preferred my peas whole. But I prefer almost everything in pieces and never made into a mush. I loved potatoes but never the mashed kind. More like the crunchy kind. I totally fried mashed potatoes in my life. Sometimes even Mom gave me things I had to change…

Oh so it’s split peas, ew. I dislike that. it’s amazing how the originally super good peas get ruined that way. Green ones taste just like the yellow ones. Not good. I prefer lentils and the good kind of beans. Not the tasteless ones. The pretty patterned bigger tasty ones with more smoked pork hock than bean, that sounds almost right. But the bean is optional.
(I can tolerate, even like split peas dahl, though. I don’t eat such things anymore but last time it was tasty enough. Tomato is still amazing, that’s why.)

I never liked celery but tastes differ. Celery is extremely tasty while leek has a very tiny taste. I mostly enjoyed the softness when I cooked it into split peas. But I just tasted it once or twice as I disliked the split peas themselves and we never put it into anything else. I may try it in a soup one day. It’s a novel idea to me.

I must say I still love split peas in some sense as I can make some basic food for my SO for 5 days with almost zero work :smiley: I cook 500g almost every week. He still needs some protein with it (and carbs too. nevermind split peas has both) but that is not so hard to make.
And as I dislike split peas, I never feel any temptation to eat it, it’s a big plus! My poor chosen woe, carnivore(-ish) already has so many enemies! Like almost all fruit around me and that’s many and all the time. I mean, they are there all the time, I am not tempted all the time, that wouldn’t be pretty!


This is the $64,000 question. How big a role does diet play in life and health span?


I don’t think it can be answered. If the diet is very bad, one moderately quickly dies… In that case, it’s effect is super high. With more normal diets, it’s less but if the genetics are special in some odd way, it seems not to matter… Some people eat horribly, drink, smoke and live a long, pretty healthy life, they must have some super genetics…
But we normal mortals who contribute most to the average, diet must be a quite important factor among several important ones.
I am pretty sure in it but it’s quite complex. I think I wrote about a diet being okay physically but bad mentally… And these are still just 2 inside factors, our environment is another matter (though affects these 2).