UK Keto Best Shop!

(Bulldog Fitness) #1


The meats are so well priced even my local market cannot compare. and the quality is great, google or youtube search for people and bodybuilders buying there. you will see in much more detail.

I am gonna go next week and get a keto shop I will put a picture and the recipe up here when its done.

(Salli Edwards) #2

I look forward to your hearing how it went. Many of the shops and recommendations are for US stores.

(Allie) #3

I go there a lot, but in my local store they’ve just changed the baskets to these stupidly deep things that cannot be carried comfortably so need to be pulled around like a trolley. Ridiculous. I’m going to defect to Aldi.

(Bulldog Fitness) #4

I love them baskets… I can use my toddler to pull it along hahaha


You guys must have a very different Lidl over there than we do here in the states, all I see and hear about is how everybody gets the best deals ever at Lidl and Aldi and I think both of them either never have anything trustworthy looking (it can only get so cheap before I get afraid) and the meat always seems really expensive for small cuts to me. I’ve even gone to a couple different ones and seems to be the same. I gotta head back over to one and give them another shot. I spend a LOT on my meat!

(Allie) #6

Maybe expensive compared to what you’re used to paying, but here they’re cheap. Regarding quality, there’s lots I wouldn’t buy from there. Same rule applies as elsewhere, always read the labels.

(Adit) #7

I find the meat, especially beef and pork, in both Aldi & Lidl better and cheaper than the usual supermarkets - Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury. The alternative is to go to a proper butcher. Their cold cuts and cheese (though this selection is smaller) much better as well. My 2 year old will only eat the Mature Gouda from Aldi.


I agree. I buy a lot from Aldi but, there are some things they’re not so good for (according to my taste I suppose).
In general, they are quite cheap compared to the other major names.

(Ellie) #9

They are crazy -it is like in airports where everyone is dragging their rolling suitcase behind them and taking up twice the space that they would otherwise. Somehow these baskets are even worse!

(Allie) #10

I think I’ll pinch a normal one from a different shop to use in there. My friend runs a pet shop opposite so I’ll ask her if I can borrow a wire basket and take it back after :joy:


Our Aldi has the usual trolleys like everyone else!

(Allie) #12

We still have normal trolleys, but these stupid huge baskets on wheels instead of normal baskets. It’s a Nationwide thing apparently, only just come in at my local store so yours could be next :grimacing:

If I wanted a trolley I’d use a trolley, but I want just a few bits so basket it is… or was…