UK Carnivore FB group deleted

(Jack Brien) #1

Anyone else on here part of the Zero carb carnivore UK group? It seems to have disappeared from Facebook :flushed: › groups
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Zero Carb Carnivore UK - Facebook

(Karen) #2

Didn’t know there was one! Mind you I spend all my time reading the posts on here which are so interesting.

(bulkbiker) #3

What this one?

Seems to be there for me…

(Jack Brien) #4



I found it.

darn I am not UK but in other zero carb groups but now I have to check this one out too LOL

posted it also, I am Mark’s backup :crazy_face::clown_face:

(bulkbiker) #6

Can’t find your name in the members list…


I just signed into UK zc
got accepted and it is a great site from what I am seeing :slight_smile:
this group knows their carnivore lifestyle!!

(Jack Brien) #8

I can find it with a different Facebook account. If think I’ll have to reset the app.

(Jack Brien) #9

Seems I got myself banned for reasons unknown

(Edith) #10

Maybe you mentioned eating a grape or some other taboo food item. :rofl:

(Jack Brien) #11

Quite possibly. Anyway, back in now.