Uh oh! I'm at high risk according to my health insurance!


Yeah, must be that and the grains and vegs and whatnots… 5 eggs is 30g protein, that’s not just crazy but seems quite impossible (to me, I am aware some people can do it) without avoiding even the protein richer plants… My SO eats more than 30g protein from his grains alone… I saw some crazy numbers in my life, I just don’t understand how it is possible to eat so little protein (without doing crazy things like living on fruits and completely ignoring our nutritional needs - though if someone thinks we should eat 0.8*LBM (in kg) at most - saw that once, maybe with a smaller number, I don’t remember - then I don’t think they have much idea about proper nutrition). I am so incompatible that my brain just refuses to cooperate and see the possibilities.

I am happy I can usually keep my protein intake (and my fat intake too) below 200g…

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Protein is a strange beast. If you’re eating meat, you’re getting a “complete” protein, and the vast majority of that is easily absorbable. Meanwhile, you start looking at plants, and most of what is quoted is “crude” protein, which really isn’t (1) complete or (2) absorbable at a 100% rate.

So, when they list 1/2 cup of beans as being 2 ounce-equivalent “protein”, that’s basically wrong. It’s not a complete protein, for one thing, and you’re unlikely to get the same amount of protein as in 2 ounces of meat.

And we haven’t even gotten into lectins and other anti-nutrients.


Indeed. I don’t even know how much grains can make it okay amino acid wise… Not like I ever needed to know (I always ate lots of complete animal protein even when no meat was in my diet) but if I don’t know this, the average one surely won’t.

We can’t just tell from a few guess number regarding cups how good a diet is (even if we agree about what is right and we are very far from that. and even different people need different amount of nutrients…). It never could work but if we use wrong things to begin with…


I like this cause in a way broader sense of this simple statement of stupidity I also see massive control happening thru our wallets, our covid restrictions and laws now being changed and every other ‘law’ to keep us stamped down ‘AND controlled’ so if we ‘control the worst recommendations on a physical body’ thru nutrition we can keep people controlled as less than in the big picture.

ok just a bit of thought from me on the bigger overall control the population so they can’t revolt cause they are too sickly to care thru medical and they are too worried about if their job and paycheck can keep them in their homes so the ‘baffle them with BS’ comes into play to keep people focused off the ‘big pic’ but only on their daily survival.

yes this is my opinion and while won’t be others, I am just saying it as I feel it LOL

the insanity of it all is right there but can people see past what their daily life entails, most times not and if we listen to ‘nutritionalists’ and OLD time food recommendations that are against what food is now to before we ain’t got a medical prayer over it all.

I just saw a ‘new again type 2 diabetes med’ come out from pharma…oh yea they got this in the bag LOL gonna cure that bad sugar BS issue in all of us thru that pill…ugh

oh and edited say this ain’t directed all at you for comment, I just read what you posted and reacted :sunny:

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If you take them literally, that could be three cups of skim milk, so about 25 grams more protein. Still a paltry amount to go with the five ounces of “protein,” even if that was in the highest quality form of meat or eggs, which they obviously aren’t encouraging.

Horrifying. It’s like a deliberate campaign for sarcopenia.