Ugh...Allulose seems to cause me issues

(Bob M) #1

So, we made cheesecake in the sous vide with Allulose. We made small and large cheesecakes, mainly because we did not have enough small jars. The small jars seemed OK to me, although with possible issues causing me to go to the bathroom relatively quickly. Last night, though, I ate one of the large ones. I got such an upset digestive system that I woke up multiple times, with my stomach and other parts grumbling.

I can’t totally pin this on allulose, of course, as I had a meal too and some chocolate. But I’ve had chocolate and that meal many times with no issues. So, I’m thinking there’s yet another sugar replacement, where I have to limit it. Sorry, allulose, I barely knew you.

Anyone else experience similar issues with allulose?

(Edith) #3

Allulose makes my husband’s heart race.

(Bob M) #4

This is why when I partake of things like this, I used to use regular sugar. If you make small cheesecakes, they aren’t bad in terms of carbs. I used to eat fake stuff when I first started, 5+ years ago, and I always had issues. At least with sugar, I know it doesn’t cause me any bad effects.

(Blake) #5

I really wanted allulose to be the perfect keto sweetener! But alas, it really has it’s way with me, at least where is a large percentage of a recipe. I found the article below to be right on as to my body’s tolerance. I deliberately exceeded the 0.4g/kg level a couples or times as a test, and it wasn’t pretty…

(Bob M) #6

Bummer, because that’s really not that much. I’ve used allulose to replace some sugar in a mustard recipe and had no issues, but I don’t use much mustard at a time. Even a small cheesecake (we sous vide them) wasn’t bad, but the bigger cheesecake was rough on me. I’d have to calculate these more exactly next time, though I’ll probably just go back to Swerve or real sugar.

(Blake) #7

I think the secret for me is going to be using multiple alt sugars going forward. I think I’ll be using a combination of allulose and erythritol, along with small bits of stevia and even sucralose, to avoid large does. Or maybe just learning to accept that imitating a high sugar dessert is still not doing me any good. Better off to just enjoy a bite of the real thing now and then, on special occasions, and keep moving forward.


Recently I tried the Munk Pack Keto Nut and Seed Bars. The sweeteners in them are Munk fruit and Allulose. I ate around 3 bars per day for 8 days. My digestive system experienced bloating, cramping, and gas – very uncomfortable to say the least – and I put the blame on Allulose. Munk fruit sweetener does not bother me very much. The bars taste good, but today I threw them in the trash. I’m back to stevia, honey and munk fruit. If I make paleo cookies, I’ll use honey. Erythritol gives me problems with headache and fatigue. I’ve been eating only organic foods for years, and I’ve been on Paleo / Keto for 4 years.

(Bob M) #9

I’m just coming back to this. My wife makes Maria Emmerich’s chocolate pudding made from eggs. I had two small jars of this, both with Lily’s chocolates, which uses erythritol. This seemed to cause large amounts of stomach upset.


Now, I’m thinking maybe just “real” chocolate when I want it, which is not that often.

Or maybe I just overdid it?


nope that is all nasty stuff and I am the same.

the asparatme? stuff put me in heart medical issues and I had to resolve that

that malitol? stuff damn near killed me in the guts LOL

that erythritol crap wiped out my guts to big D levels

that sorbitol crap has a taste that is so offending to me and gurgled my guts

and so on and so on

that xylitol crap, no good for me

and all the rest of those names it is under I avoid any and all fake crap as just that, gonna get me in the end real fast. I learned real fast this is not me :slight_smile: Yea I tried them all thru desperation to keep sweet in my life

if chocolate is wanted or ‘some dessert’ you go for just a few squares of the best 90% chocolate and enjoy…many hate it at first til they get the ‘sweet crap’ out of their life and then even this tastes too darn sweet in full truths to most.

everyone run from this nasty stuff, the fake sweeteners but I DO KNOW some do ok on it so that it boils down to very personal to each of us.

(Old Baconian) #11

It took about a year on keto, but I find even 90% chocolate is too sweet, now. Try it unsweetened. It’s nice!


yea even those few first years on carnivore I snuck back to 90% as a few squares made me so darn happy and when Cheryl started ‘carnivore challenge’ here I dumped it and I actually improved SO much it was like night and day but darn if we don’t hold onto something thru? mind games or physical need or I want my blankey? type issue HA

real sweetness in life can not be achieved in any food unless ‘added sweetness’ is give up…boy then ya know just like you said Paul!

(Bob M) #13

That was one of the worst experiences I had.

(Old Baconian) #14

I just remembered—maltitol is the substitute sweetener used in the 5-lb. bag of sugar-free Gummi Bears that Amazon used to sell. I don’t know if the product reviews are still up, but they were hilarious!


I am really not a sensitive one and hate most sweeteners because of the horrible taste, not because they affect me badly… But maltitol, that affected even me (not very badly, my body is stubborn but I felt strange and I hate that). And it’s not like I eat any sweetener galore so it wasn’t even very much! The sneaky lil thing!
It’s actually odd to read that people use keto bars as staples (multiple ones a day!) and put tons of sweeteners into their cakes… But I suppose if some close to average person suddenly starts keto, it’s like that. I did it more gradually but always ate way less sugar than average and I ate pretty much sweet stuff… The eating of the average human person is scary.

I dislike any chocolate beyond 70% so no way I would eat 90%, I tried, eww. And it’s too sugary and probably too sweet anyway. The maltitol one wasn’t too sweet as maltitol is very very subtly sweet for me, maybe 1/4 of erythritol sweetness.
Even my high-carber SO half-living on sweets and fruits uses less sweet chocolate than a typical 90% one! Maybe the bitterness isn’t the same either but still. Somehow we don’t expect our chocolate to be sweet. We want the cocoa and fat and some nice flavor like coffee…

I have my own unsweetened or barely sweetened almost-chocolate and I am not into it since carnivore, I still taste it sometimes but it’s so easy to live without it. After more than a decade on low-carb :D.

Never could try allulose as we don’t have that here in webshops. But I already have too much bad sweeteners waiting for some chance to be used… Probably not by me.

We never had any problems with xylitol and erythritol but we don’t use them galore as that would make the sweets way too sweet for us.

(Why I feel compelled to comment in every thread about sweeteners I don’t know but I do.)

(Edith) #16

The reviews are still there.

Although, I think it was the 5 pound bag that had the really hilarious reviews.

(Robin) #17

Cuz you’re so sweet, obviously!

(Laura) #18

I have to watch the sugar alcohols. I can handle a little (unless it is malitol, then I can handle none). If I overindulge, then my innards are very unhappy and I can’t leave the house that day.

Those gummy bear reviews on Amazon had me crying; they were so funny.

(Bob M) #19

I think for me for things like erythritol, it’s a matter of dosage. For instance, the pudding recipe my wife makes (a Maria Emmerich recipe), this has erythritol in it. I had two of them one night, with Lily’s chocolates, which also has erythritol. That was too much. But another day, I had one with real chocolate chips, and had very little to no issues.

For chocolate, I have a love/hate relationship. I’ve had to go back toward lower percentage chocolates, as if I eat high percentage stuff too close to bedtime (really the only time I eat it), it can cause me sleep issues.

So, for me, it’s a delicate balance between wanting some sweetness sometimes and negative effects.


I physically can’t eat too much erythritol or xylitol to nice anything bad (except the stuff being too sweet or in my case, too erythrytol-rich. it’s not the amount. it’s the ratio. erythritol feels bad if I make something very sweet. I need xylitol for overly sweet desserts somehow needing the above or average sweetness).
But maybe I just don’t sweeten my things so much. But when I was sick (me! it was surreal and surprising), I drank sweetened teas galore… Other times I ate lots of sweets… I probably easily can go over 20g on those days but I can’t eat, like, 100g erythritol. I would need some big cake for that amount but I couldn’t eat it all… But surely some people put it into some smaller thing.
If I ate my whole jar of chocolate (it usually lasts for a month I guess), that would be 10g erythritol… It’s the amount (but using xylitol so sweeter) that I put into 200ml whipping cream before I whip it and that’s quite sweet (it’s mostly for the sweet-toothed high-carber).
No idea how to use even more sweetener (I consider ours quite much, I would think 10g eryhtritol/xylitol a week is high enough. we use significantly more) and our amount was fine from day 1. My SO eats more sweets but he eats fruits and those are his primary sweeteners… So little sugar alcohol gets used, some cakes require none at all.