Type 2 Diabetes

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Is there a category for us? I could not locate if so.

I do have a question or 2.

Please advise.



I haven’t seen a category. I am recovering from prediabetes, occasionally dipping into type 2, for years. I don’t know if I can answer any medical questions, but I can maybe answer some about experiences.

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Hi @Dpalmer and @velvet!

Here’s what you’re looking for - it’s in ‘Health’ -> ‘Type 2 Diabetes’.


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Just ask here… someone will be along to reply…

What do you need to know?

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My blood sugars the first week of doing Keto went down from 205 to 114 (fasting).

Then week 2 I was due to do my weekly insulin injection and over the next few days my bs crept up to a 156 fasting.

Is this normal?

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If you stick around a while, you will find there is only what is normal for you, depending on any number of factors.

156 Could be normal for you depending on a lot of things.

What is fasting in this situation? Are you doing long term fasting, or is this in the morning before bkfst, with your last meal 12 or more hours before?

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You may be interested in this:

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Fasting being the latter.

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Is this insulin or one of the other weekly medications? Trulicity or the like?
Odd to find insulin being a weekly injection.

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OK so not insulin… sounds like something to try to get off asap.

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What was the timing of your weekly injections compared to when you measured fasting glucose? Also, fasting glucose can be influenced by a number of things like time of day (dawn phenomenon), exercise, stress, length of time fasting, etc.

If you aren’t already, it would be a good idea to work with your doctor as you keto-adapt to potentially deprescribe medications as warranted.

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My bad on the insulin reference. And yes, I agree, its poison, hence my Keto journey. I’ve already stopped the Metformin, next is Ozempic.

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Personally I would have dropped the ozempic first… although metformin tied me to the toilet for the three weeks I took it, for most it seems relatively benign.