Two Urgent Care Physicians Blow Up The Shutdown

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Thanks @TheOrangePimpernel - that was another perspective and interesting.

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Exactly - I’ve seen her in a couple videos, and it’s really hard to believe that she isn’t purposely not telling the the truth, i.e. in reality she knows better.

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Once the new virus gets established and is accounting for deaths, a gap develops between the number of deaths that are expected and all deaths observed, even with Covid-19 deaths added in. There is a definite under-counting going on, somewhere. It’s not true that all deaths with no virus test are counted as virus deaths. Of the under-counted deaths, some are not due to the virus and some are.

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You can also find utube-deleted videos here:
Limited State YouTube Videos Censored Banned |

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Here is another really good video put out by Ivor Cummins
A lot of stats that compares how many are dying from this and also what we can do to prevent a bad outcome.

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