Two Urgent Care Physicians Blow Up The Shutdown

(Scott) #42

Looks like some hurricane models I have seen. South Carolina here and have one employee that came down with a fever on 4/21 and got tested 4/23. Poor guy has been out and they still don’t have the test result.

(Jane) #43

Another one in the “fucking insane” category.

Our local Walmart counts number in and out, which is fine. Never been a line.

Today when we entered we were told “all the aisles are one-way now for social distancing”. ummm-kay…

On the floor at the start of each aisle was a green sticker that said “This way” or a red sticker that said “Do Not Enter”. If the purpose was to avoid carts passing each other in the aisles I guess they didn’t think about someone stopped to read labels and passing them going the same direction. Maybe they expect us not to pass each other in the aisle, but they never said that.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #44

Or that handing packages and then re-shelving them for someone else to buy is a great way to spread the virus! Physical contact is as bad or worse than breathing the air someone without a mask exhales. The germs will be all over the place if someone infected goes through the store sorting through meat packages, or whatever they touch and put back. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Scott) #45

Don’t really need any aisle travel. I only go to:
Heavy Cream
And I am not zig zaging to get there.

(Jane) #46

Yeah, we usually shop the edges of the store but today we needed olive oil, coffee, cat food and toilet paper (no, we never stocked up) so that meant being herded and accomplished nothing. It’s silly.

(Jane) #47

Exactly. I grew up in Houston where the “bubble boy” was born and lived. He was born with no immune system and lived in a bubble for 12 years until they tried an operation to cure him that failed and he died. Nasa made him a space suit so he could go outside. And he had a portable bubble he could travel in and one of the local theaters gave him a private showing of Return of the Jedi and he used his portable bubble.

THAT is the only way to prevent exposure. Is that how anyone wants to live??

(Ron) #48

Given the choice, I am sure he would have chosen to live over death. And if he was responsible for choosing the operation to taking that gamble was also his and did not affect anyone else. If that choice was made for him by someone else then that was wrong just as those who don’t choose to contract Covid and lose their life. Is making that decision for someone else really the way we want to live?

(Full Metal KETO AF) #49

I don’t get your point Ron. Nobody will force you to do anything or make any decisions for you. Anyone can Shelter in Place the rest of their life if they want. Lots of people in this world choose never to go in public or see other people. :cowboy_hat_face:


Video has been removed?

(Full Metal KETO AF) #51

You’re late to the COVID party @FrankoBear YouTube and MSN both deleted the videos. Censored :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


But if most people choose not to then the virus will infect millions of people at once. Healthcare systems will be unable to cope, the food & other supply chains might well collapse, law & order could break down completely. Nobody will be safe then.

(Ron) #53

I understand that if I chose to not be social then I have made that choice. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I would try, I would still have a degree of contact with other people to exist. Even though it could be minimal, it would be inevitable in order to survive.
Until more is learned about this new virus and scientists learn some methods of control or vaccination it is up to us as a society to protect the weak and susceptible and not develop the “remove the sick and weak” attitude. That was my point. I don’t choose to shelter for myself, I choose to shelter to prevent others that I ultimately will make contact with in the future from exposure that I could possible infect unknowingly until more is known about Covid19.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #54

@mtncntrykid Okay I’ve heard they don’t anticipate a vaccine for two years by the time they develop it and do normal trials. Does that sound like something survivable? Half the people not supporting their families? Is that reasonable? Quarantining the sick and susceptible is what’s normal practice throughout history for dealing with plagues. Kids, no school till vaccinations? Kids just staying home and not socializing with other kids? Because that stuff isn’t people living either. Nobody dating or starting families, getting married…two years to be safe. :mask:


You don’t necessarily have to wait for a vaccine but there are things you can put in place to make it safer to open things up. Having proper testing & tracking would be a good start.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #56

You don’t know that.

And don’t you think 50% and more of the population not working will have the same effect? Do you “feel” safe now? I read recently there’s like one policeman per 5000 people. How long will law and order hang on through prolonged quarantine? We know how people behave when things get bad.

(Polly) #57

We have already learned that 80% of those infected will have a mild illness or be asymptomatic.

Of the 20% who are made more seriously ill most will recover. It is only when you are admitted to an ICU and ventilated that you have that 50:50 chance of survival.

On the published figures at the moment, [which are skewed because only the seriously ill have been tested until recently] the survival rate is 97%. Once the confounder of limited testing is removed the survival rate is likely to exceed 99%.

You mention collapse of the food chain - well that seems to be happening already - and a break down of law & order. I can see no better way of causing a breakdown in the rule of law than imprisoning folk in their homes, making groceries difficult to obtain and preventing any socialisation whilst having the courts unable to deal with any cases because social distancing regulations prevent jury trials in the existing facilities.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #58

I live and love in a California Beach town near San Francisco and our beaches were closed until 4/15. We’re SIP till 5/5 and I expect an extension. We had thousands of people invade the town last weekend. It was like spring break here, seriously! Hardly anyone on the beaches wearing masks or appropriately distanced. So we won’t have to wait long to see how much increases there was as a result of that one. All the cops could do was drive up and down the beaches with bullhorns telling people to go home as people totally ignored them.

(Polly) #59

Do you also live there @David_Stilley?

(Full Metal KETO AF) #60

Thanks @Polly1, is that better? :cowboy_hat_face::heart:

(Polly) #61

Much better thank you. It could have been read as an admission that social distancing regulations and stay at home orders were being ignored :sweat_smile: