Two NSVs

(Marianne) #1

Got another wedding coming up at the end of July. Because I hate to shop, I recently ordered nine dresses, only three of which did not fit. I was so happy! None of them were appropriate for the occasion, but they were pretty nonetheless and I looked very nice in them! So incredibly grateful.

Did some heavy yard work today. I accomplished so much, looks beautiful, and I would never have been able to do this before. I sit on a little cart for some stuff and just getting up and down before was almost impossible, plus I couldn’t really dig or plant because of the size of my belly. I’d get too winded to do anything and would feel like I was going to have a heart attack. Today I was out there for close to three hours and so happy doing it, working away and listening to the birds. I am aware of new milestones every day. Love keto!

(Susan) #2

That is spectacular, makes me hopeful for the future for me, you are a great inspiration. How much weight have you lost so far? Are you at maintenance now?

(Marianne) #3

Thank you; you, too! I haven’t gotten weighed in a while (because I haven’t gone to the doctor’s - only time I weigh myself), but last time I had lost 28 lbs. I believe I am at around 35 lbs. now. I have 45 more to go. No maintenance for me yet, but it’s okay. Not minding this one bit.

(Susan) #4

Awesome, I have lost 36 pounds (my daughter hid the scale because she felt I was obsessed and she is probably right), so I haven’t weighed myself for a bit. I have to lose at least another 120, more probably, and still feel so obese and when the walking on Thursday is still paining my legs, knees, and back, it is very frustrating. I have had shooting pains since then, and I am taking all the proper supplements and lots of salt now, so it is just from the walking…

(Marianne) #5

Thirty-five pounds is a huge victory! I always think back to the picture I once saw of “what five pounds of fat looks like.” This gives me so much inspiration. When I think I lost seven of those, I can’t believe I was that big or that that much has come off my body. When you get discouraged or think you have so far to go, just remember that you have lost seven of these - that is huge, no matter how far you have to go!!!

(Susan) #6

Thanks =). I usually think slow and steady wins the race… I just have been discouraged the past few days because of the pain I have. I need to do a Fast and hope it will help =).

(Libby) #7

OMG I love this picture! I want it for the front of my refrigerator!

I’ve often thought of buying 5 pounds of butter, mushing it all together and placing it on a plate on the top shelf of the fridge as a reminder.

Or 50 pounds of butter, which would be more applicable to my case…

(Marianne) #8

So you’ve lost ten of those! I find this a great visual to quantify exactly how much has come off our our bodies. No joke when you see it for what it is. No wonder clothes fit better and we have more energy.

(Libby) #9

well, I’ve lost 4 of those. 6 more to go…lol

(Marianne) #10

Forgot to mention, I caved in the tops of two carts when I was heavier!

(Andi loves space, bacon and fasting. ) #11

Is it wrong that this made me LOL? Also, I just read your “autobiography” on the forums. You really crack me up!! Best wishes to your orchids. :wilted_flower:

(Marianne) #12

I’m glad! Are you kidding - somebody’s actually reading my bio!


If you think that’s funny, I haven’t watered those effers in three weeks because I’m pissed - I’ll show them.


(Becky) #13

That picture really puts things into perspective for me, I never realized how much I was carrying around. I’m very hard on myself, thinking I should be losing so much more so much faster. I always say that I cannot see my weight loss, but I realize just now that I was carrying 15 of those blobs around…it was the visual that I needed and I’m so thankful that I came across this!!

(Marianne) #14

Agreed; I think it is so easy to lose sight of how much bulk 50-75 pounds really is - it’s huge.

The other day at work, I carried two gallon jugs of water up the steps for the plants. A gallon weighs a little over eight pounds. I had a gallon in each hand. That was 16 lbs., balanced. I could not believe how heavy it felt, and I was tired and winded doing it. My knees hurt going up the stairs and I had to be careful. I immediately thought about having lost 50 lbs. (still 30 to go). No wonder everything was difficult, I had high blood pressure, heart palpitations, aches, pains, depression, etc.