Tuna Melts! Incredibly easy ketogenic hot dish!

(Patty W) #41

Pyrex porn? :blush:

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This was so good @Brenda. Hit the spot! Felt completely satiated. Thank you!

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(Janet Salazar) #45

Looks fabulous… nice upgrade from regular tuna



(Kathy L) #47

What kind of mayo do you guys use? ive tried making homemade but it doesn’t quite cut it for me- suggestions?

(Michael Iafrato ) #48

I use Best Foods/Hellman’s. It’s as close to home made you can find.

(IDM Educator) #49

My favorite is “Duke’s”, but the price is jacked up in Minnesota because it’s from the East coast. So the next best is Hellmann’s

(Kathy L) #50

Ahh - never heard of Dukes - but do use Hellmann’s (not light) occasionally. have recently found an avocado mayo at Costo - but it tastes a little off to me. Thanks for the info.

(Kyle Arcand) #51

I like to do mine with some sort of sandwich meat on the bottom. Makes a good base and easier to serve with a spatula!


This is now one of my go to meals when I am pressed for time. So simple to make, can’t believe I never thought of it before. Couple of minutes in the microwave and then finish under the broiler.

Try it with canned chicken instead of tuna! Awesome! I’ve also added garlic powder and cayenne.

Thank you for sharing!

(Malcolm Groves) #53

We do something similar but with Cauliflower. Love it.

(Dustin Cade) #54

I agree twice! :purple_heart:

(IDM Educator) #55

Great ideas! Definately will try this!


Looks good!

(Thao Le) #57

Nice! Thanks!

(Jan) #58

Oooooooooh, baby… come to Momma!

(Julie Crowell) #59

Yassss! I used to do this years ago pre-keto, feeling guilty the whole time because of the fat in the cheese. Silly me!


It’s what I’m eating right now :smiley: Thank you for sharing