Trying Out Allulose

(Maha) #1

I just discovered allulose and have been trying it out this weekend. Here is an article about it and its benefits.

Has anyone else given allulose a try and how was it? Here is my experience after two tries:

  1. Yesterday I had made almond scones and blueberry jam, both using allulose as the sweetener. After a 25+ hour fast, I ate two scones with the jam, plus an egg bite and coffee with HWC. After I ate, I experienced no digestion issues, which is great because I had that problem with other sweeteners. But, I noticed after an hour or so, a brain fog/headache without the pain, followed later by lethargy and tiredness that was typical of eating a carby meal of old. I thought that maybe this symptom was due to having fasted and then not eaten enough protein.

  2. So I tried again this morning for breakfast. I had the exact same meal, but only one scone instead of 2. I’m noticing the same brain fog/headachy feeling without pain, but so far, no tiredness.

Allulose is not supposed to spike insulin, but I’m wondering if what I’m experiencing is just that, a spike in insulin. The article says that allulose lowers blood glucose by “Increasing [insulin] release in response to after-meal glucose spike”. Could this be the reason I’m getting this brain fog/headachy feeling? And if allulose is glycemic index of zero, why would insulin increase?

Also, despite allulose tasting very much like sugar, and it is not supposed to have an aftertaste, I do in fact get a slight bitter aftertaste that lingers.

I’m curious if anyone else has had a similar experience?

Xylitol, Allulose, and insulin
(Anne Brodie) #2

I have been trying allulose over this weekend. I have eaten cookies from a company called KNOW Foods and used a granulated version to sweeten some cream cheese. I have a couple of Quest Hero bars (the “Hero” ones are the ones that contain allulose) but have not tried yet. I enjoyed these items and did not notice after taste nor did I notice stomach upset. However, I have had high ketones the entire time I’ve been on keto (since January) and the past two days they went to almost nothing. I realize some say ketones don’t matter as long as one is fat adapted and others say they go down after being in ketosis for a while because more of the ketones are being used. I have been very strict on carbs, under 20 but usually closer to 10 a day and have had strong color on the urine strips all along. I am going to get my ketone/glucose meter back from a friend and do some testing on this but for now I am not going to ingest allulose for a few days. And I want to add that I eat other bars with whey and such and they do not lower ketones. Would be very interested to hear more from others.

(carl) #3

I, too, have noticed that both glucose and ketones go down after eating allulose

(Heather Meyer) #4

Ive been dabbling in Allulose and using it for making candy and brownies… Ive noticed a couple things…

  1. It has a slight cooling effect in high concentration and yes a little bitter in high concentration.

  2. No headaches but i do feel sleepy afterward

  3. If i comsume a high amount of allulose in one serving of a food in a high dose, i get bloating and if i eat allulose based stuff with my tea in the AM…it moves right through me.