Trying again need advice

(Steve) #1

I have been doing keto for about 28 months . Went off in Feb and started again around Nov 10. I had lists about 65 lbs then after stopping I gained 25 lbs. since starting again I haven’t really lost any weight and no real inches . I am eating under 15 carbs a day . Didn’t get the keto flu ( didn’t last time) can’t sleep have a bunch more energy ( I’m 53) and using my keto mojo no matter when I do my test I’m .4 or .3
I was usually 1.1-1.4 in the first go . Just looking for advice or is the body just not responding like it did the first time as it feels tricked from the first time . Very frustrating

Do keto supplements help get into real keto . Not just trick s test . If yes which ones

(Take time to smell the bacon) #2

Unfortunately, the second time around is more difficult. But eating more carbs isn’t going to solve the problem. Just keep your carbs low until you readapt to burning fat (you may or may not reach fat-adaptation sooner than you did last time; it’s hard to predict). Don’t cut calories, don’t fast, just eat a ketogenic diet for a while, and see what happens. Once you are fat-adapted again, things will probably start to move.

You are in ketosis, because you are not eating carbohydrate. The measured level of ketones in the blood is a measure of the gap between production and consumption, not a measure of the actual amount of ketones you are are making or burning, so try not to be obsessed with your meter readings.


Are you tracking what you’re eating our just counting carbs only? Also, ketne levels make no difference in fat loss, don’t waste your time.

They’re not tricking tests, you’re really burning ketones… just not ones made from stored fatty acids! So real life answer is don’t waste your time. Want ketosis faster? Hit the gym or the track and start depleting liver glycogen. We don’t hold much of it to begin with.

Also, start tracking, it’s simply impossible you’re not eating too much if you’re not losing fat at 15g carbs a day since November… impossible. Are you slapping fat on everything you eat for the sake of doing so? That’ll do it every time!

Lots of tricks to speed things up, but if you’re eating to much on the backend even the drug cheat won’t work.

(Scott) #4

Using a tracking app. Usually under 15 but those are net carbs . When ever I got stuck last time I went to eggs only got about 4 days . My problem maybe lots of cheese and feel very backed up

(Marianne) #5

Not knowing what you are eating, that was going to be my advice. I know you want to get the weight off (that’s why most of us came here to begin with), however, try not to think in terms of a “diet,” and accelerating your weight loss. It will help that your carbs are low. Also, eat to your fat and protein macros every day. My two cents - don’t test. It’s meaningless and a mind game, just like the scale.

Again, try not to take extraordinary measures to kick start or accelerate your weight loss. Eat and let your body heal and adjust. I really believe if you settle in for the long term, it will happen again. As @lfod14 said, if you want to do anything, maybe throw in some exercise, but again, exercise can be another attempt at purging. For your meals, I’d eat meat more than anything - and eggs for breakfast. Pork steaks are a great choice - delicious with a sear on them, just enough fat, and inexpensive! Good luck.

(Will) #6

I definitely agree with the pork steaks. I buy a 5-6 lb Boston butt and have the butcher slice it in to half inch steaks. These are one of my favorite meals and like you said they seem to have just the right amount of fat. I highly recommend