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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Trudy Ann, talks about life after pancreatitis and brain surgery and how she keeps up with her busy life using keto and fasting.

Trudy Ann lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband and sons and takes care of her mum who lives with them. Plus Coco - her dog - of course. 

Trudy owns and runs an organic chai & spice company called “Trudy Ann’s Chai & Spices” and you can buy some of her fabulous tea and spice blends on her website

She also runs vegetarian cooking classes online and attends many events in the US and Canada with her teas and spices.

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Trudy Ann’s Chai & Spices An all organic East Vancouver Company owned and operated by Trudy Ann.

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Online Keto Vegetarian Cooking Classes - one on one support is available after course completion.

Trudy Ann's cookbook

Also available on Amazon.

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Trudy Ann’s links to helpful websites and books.

The cookbook based on Weston A Price principles Trudy Ann mentioned was Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

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Bach Flower Remedies by Dr D.S. Vohra

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