Trouble finding this site

(Jeff Pierson) #1

I’ve been a listener to 2 Keto Dudes since the first episode and have heard about the new forums and was excited to join since I felt left of the prior community on Facebook because I prefer not to use Facebook in general. When taking a few stabs at the URL and then doing some google searches I was unable to turn up this site. I then resorted to taking a look at the 2 keto dudes site and was able to find that with no problem but couldn’t find any quick links to these forums.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Ensure that the URL when typed as properly redirects to the proper URL with the www subdomain instead of resulting in a DNS error. Additionally I think it’s smarter to canonicalize around the URL without the www since it is shorter and easier to remember.
  • Add a link to the forums prominently on the 2 keto dudes site.
  • Do what ever level of Search Engine Optimization that can be done on the cheap. Searching google for "Ketogenic forums

Add record in the DNS for ''
(matt ) #2

FYI @carl and @richard

(A ham loving ham! - VA6KD) #3

Yeah… I had to scroll right down to the social media section on the site and then hidden unobtrusively amongst the Instagram, Twitter, Podcast links and RSS feed is the link to the forums, which to me are the heart of the community and probably should be more prominent.

(maciek) #4

going to gets me “this site can’t be reached”

need to type in the full

(VLC.MD) #5

I had the same problem.
There must be a simple setting done incorrectly somewhere.