Trigger food

(Trisha) #1

My husband made keto chocolate chip cookie. I think they are a trigger for me. Instead of eating them like a normal person, I Hoover them, and eat more than I probably should. Anyone else experience this with a keto friendly food?

(David Russell) #2

Almonds…i actually had to stop buying them.

(Trisha) #3

I think peanut butter is also another one for me.

(Derek I. Batting) #4

Definitely mine.


@DavidR, this is why I only buy nuts in their shells. I force myself to use the manual nut cracker…which gets annoying after a few nuts. Especially the ones that are stubbornly hard to crack open.


And almond butter for me, I never keep them around the house because I Dyson mine!

(Jake P) #7

Nuts and olives.

I stoped buying them too,

(Stephanie Hanson) #8

Peanut butter. It’s banned from my house. Carl’s chocolate mousse too. Fathead pizza. Sigh…


Almond flour pancakes for me, although I suspect the problem is the fake sugars in the syrup.

(ketohealthclub) #10

CHEESE! I can now handle cheddar, but I have to buy other cheeses in small amounts or I will stuff myself.

(ketohealthclub) #11

Yeah, no more nuts for me.

(Genevieve Biggs) #12

Cheese crisps…

(Karen Parrott) #13

Yes. As a life long food addict , currently in a 5+ year remission , I do not recreate my former binge foods.

The best thing anybody told me back in 2011 was to not bring the SAD with me. That if I wanted lean results and good health outcomes and, to stop BS-Ing myself and stop binge eating I was going to have to stop eating recreational Paleo/LCHF / Keto cookies, pancakes, breads, muffins, candy.

All nuts and nut butters are triggers. So no Keto cookies for me. Onward with your eyes wide open! I’ll be 5 years into weight maintenance very soon

(Trisha) #14

Great job! It’s still a learning process for me, but understanding my body more everyday.

(Jenn W) #15

I used to make an almond joy mix… coconut flakes with almonds and dark chocolate. It was my Keto candy so to say. Great to satisfy that sweet tooth, portion control was my downfall.

(Trisha) #16

I’ve had sweet fat bombs before. It wasn’t an issue for me. So I will have to switch back to those. No more cookies for me.

(dawn.hakala) #17

Yep… Macadamia nuts too… HUGE trigger! Fat bombs for me can also be a trigger… Peanut butter… Steaks…Heck… Yeah…I can over do just about anything given the chance! Lolol

(dawn.hakala) #18

Lmao!!! AMEN!!