Tribal Nations, Type 2 diabetes, Virta Health

(Cecile Seth) #1

Tribal Nations must band together to fight type 2 diabetes. Virta Health and I intend to lead the way.

Great to see leadership!

(Ronald Weaver) #2

So what’s Virta Health ?


Trying to sort out type 2 diabetes with the science of low carbohydrate nutrition. Also converting money into health.


YES, so great!!!

I really love how Virta Health is partnering with community health clinics, the VA, etc to reach so many at-risk Indigenous, Black, and other people of color who are victims of industrial foods and epigenetic stress too.

The film “Magic Pill” depicted Aboriginal health clinic dietary healing education incorporating some traditional ways, and this restores cultural wealth as well as health.

Esp loved this quote from Ms. Heather, really beautfiul:

"As part of the Tribal Nation, we consider our elders to be our most valuable assets. Throughout time, we have believed that the only way for us to be true to who we are is to know our history. Our elders are key to preserving the traditions and the culture of our people.

I want to be one of those elders, to show future generations that they, too, can overcome struggles, physical and otherwise, change their health, and ultimately improve the lives of those to come. For me, that starts with crawling on the floor with my grandchildren, which I am now able to do much easier thanks to Virta."

(Cecile Seth) #5

Virta Health doing a few important things. They’re

  1. focusing on just one indication, Type 2 Diabetes, to start with.
  2. incorporating coaching/ support by trained folks. Medical literature shows coaching/support works.
  3. publishing clinical trial data. This establishes to the existing medical community that keto works for Type 2 diabetes. Last June when Google Search downgraded lots of alternative health websites they continued to be very well respected
  4. With this data and focus they are convincing insurance companies and employers to pay for their services to treat type 2 diabetes. E.g. Kaiser Permanente
  5. They’re one of the few well funded start ups in the keto space that is doing well. Sadly, Heal Clinic gave up on their model last year and closed. The Fasting Method is similar in #1, #2 & some #3 but focused on adding intermittent fasting/Time Restricted Eating.
  6. Sticking to top-notch science with very respected journal publications. Only making claims that they can support with published, peer-reviewed evidence.

The success of Virta Health, The Fasting Method, etc. is good for all of us in the LCHF community because they help bring credibility with the medical establishment. They are playing that “let’s change the system” game successfully. Therefore I cheer when allies succeed although I have no direct involvement in either company.

So, if you are doing a medical ketogenic diet (epilepsy, depression, etc.) or a Very Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic diet (VLCK, <20g carbs a day) and using this forum etc. as your coaching/support network awesome. If you want something more structured they are an option.

Unrelated, I recently spoke to a keto clinician in the Southwest who works closely with First Nations populations. Many want keto substitutes for traditional dishes like Fried Dough, especially around the holidays. So the importance of a vibrant Native Keto community has been on my mind.

(Ronald Weaver) #6

Will it ever come to Europe ?


I think the venture capitalist founder And CEO is Finnish. Probably a good chance.

(Windmill Tilter) #8

I think you might have that backwards. They’re turning health into money.

I don’t particularly mind, because it’s an improvement over sustaining sickness as a business model like the status quo in the US (insulin, metformin, etc…).

(Ronald Weaver) #9

I used to naively think that that was what governments were supposed to do…give us correct information to keep us healthy.
OK, now some people will have to pay for it, Fair enough I suppose.

(bulkbiker) #10

Unlikely as it doesn’t really fit with the state run health model.
However you can achieve much the same yourself by adopting a ketogenic diet…


Well, it’s the info PLUS the medical case management and weekly clinical health coaching. Virta has a personalized digital interface and folks receive regular one-on-ones with keto-informed clinicians - all of that works together for helping their documentation for research too. The mental & emotional community support component of health recovery is real, esp when people have local physicians who are uninformed, and ill-equipped for nutritional healing and who are sometimes more a hindrance than a help etc.

(Ronald Weaver) #12

That’s what I did two and a half years ago…with your encouragement, by the way !
Apart from a bit of a blip a year ago with a bout of hepatitis, I’ve not felt as good for years . Lost about 25 kilos which is pretty noticeable.
But when people ask me how I’d done it, they mostly shake their heads in disbelief.
" You didn’t pay for anything ? No drugs ? Must be one of your crackpot schemes, I certainly couldn’t/wouldn’t do it ! "
Virta might appeal to these folk ?

(bulkbiker) #13

Possibly,… the methodology is outlined on their site and their results are published…

As for your personal results… incredibly well done… I too find it hard that people can be so dismissive of something that has helped me so much… met up with some friends yesterday for lunch who watched "Game Changers’ and yes you guessed it have gone 90% plant based. Luckily for them not fully POD (Plant only diet) and for me as we had a nice leg of lamb!

(Jack Bennett) #14


I think this is happening a lot. We have to be there for friends and family who do this, to help them recover…