Trendy keto diet which is high in fat and eliminates almost all carbs can EXPAND lifespan by making body cells more resistant, study finds


Arrticle found here.

Trendy 'keto' diet can make muscle cells more resistant to stress, study finds | Daily Mail Online

Please note, I found this article interesting…it doesn’t mean, or not mean, that i agree with everyting the Daily Mail (UK) reports on.

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The Daily Mail, which my ex used to consider to be nothing more than a cheap rag, has been very good about reporting on the keto diet. They did a several-part series by Dr. Unwin, a few years ago.

I’d just caution that a ketogenic diet should not be counted on for longevity, except in the sense that metabolic problems can shorten our lifespan, so anything that resolves them is good. But there are natural limits, and I’m not sure that keto helps get us beyond them. On the other hand, I like the notion of “healthspan,” and I fully believe that keto can extend that.


Mainstream media…are lagging behind, if this news to them?


Interesting, all the same. And may promote more research.


Looking at the title of this thread…first time in along time I’ve, and probably a lot others on here…have been descibed or associated with being ‘trendy!’

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It should also be noted that this study is not the first time a ketogenic diet has been compared to fasting. Prof. Ben Bikman says that fasting and a keto diet have many metabolic characteristics in common, it’s just that keto lacks the hunger part (Bikman says, with a grin).


Yes, they snuck that in by stealth- I was onto it straight away with alarm bells ringing.

Wouldn’t it be very convenient, let’s say, for ‘some sectors’, to rubbish our proven WOE with eating disorders (for example), and link us to climate change and everything else including animal cruelty.

Which of course is absolute nonsense. Always be on guard anyway.


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@coopdawg I appreciate the link. Having said that, for my cutting edge scientific insight I prefer to rely on the National Enquirer and People magazine, conveniently located at our local grocery cashier line. :smirk:



Yes, keep doing that. I would too!

I was merely highlighting a tabloid rag has picked up on it.
And I’m still dubious where they will eventually go with it.

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When invading aliens, Elvis and Michael Jackson are all reported to be eating keto, then I’ll be convinced we may be on to something big. (Perhaps, even trendy!)

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Don’t you remember how, in Men in Black, it came out that the National Enquirer’s reporting on aliens was dead accurate?

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Sure, sure. Next you’ll be claiming that keto is a thing. :roll_eyes:


Evidence is key.



FFS, the last thing f’ed up metabolic people whom are suffering from metabolic syndrome need, are alien conspiracy theories. OK.

But I see the humour with the analogy.
I like the odd burger (prime UK meat), whilst sitting on the crapper reading the news.
Which is also crap btw.

I hope you appreciate the analogy and context :slight_smile:

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BTW, I realise that all non Briish/Irish folks on here, will probably fail to see whatever humour I tried there.


Thanks bud!

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Here’s the full article referenced by the Daily Mail story.

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Daily Mail is a comic, wouldn’t take them as a source for serious news.

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All popular media does a poor job reporting scientific studies. Media stories focus on the most sensational findings and report them as if fact glossing over any limitations and uncertainties. In this case the data was from mice and cell cultures which ought to be reported as “we have no idea to what degree this may be relevant to people”. And even if the story contains such nuance many people will only read, remember or repeat the headline.