Trendy keto diet which is high in fat and eliminates almost all carbs can EXPAND lifespan by making body cells more resistant, study finds

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Agreed, but this one is the worst of the worst, more commonly known as The Daily Fail.


This one, backs us, (Article I mean).

That’s why…


Be careful.


The study that Dm reports on is fasting. " Short-term fasting is beneficial for regeneration of certain muscle types. However, the benefits are largely unknown. The report also shows that fasting slows down muscle repair both immediately after the conclusion of lasting as well as after multiple days of refeeding. Ketosis is present during this process.
It is virtually impossible to design a Lifespan study because there are too many variables and there is not enough time to do it. Fasting in mice was shown to extend lifespan by 40% 9depending on the study). We do not know if the same applies to humans.
In Okinawa, Japan has the highest per capita of centenarians. They eat a diet of yams, rice fish, pork and some green foods. But they have among the highest incidences of stomach cancers in the world. The US as of 2015 has the absolute most centenarians.


I get that. I really do.

But for T2 people, myself included, I don’t think I have any other option but to limit carbs…which means a bit of extra fat and protein.

I wish I could just eat cheap processed crap, but I can’t.
I have to buy the proper food.


I am actually happy I should eat what I eat… I don’t get sick if I touch some plant carbs (or a lot, occasionally) but I don’t feel good on higher-carbs all the time. And my food is cheap and really good tasting. What not to like? :smiley:
I always had to buy more or less proper food for satiation, I just ate bad stuff as extra calories I didn’t need…