(Kim Miller) #1

HELP! My company just informed me I might have to travel to India. My co-workers are laughing about my diet and how I’ll have nothing to eat there?! I know the cow is sacred, so beef I’m sure is hard to find! Are they mostly vegetarians? Any common foods i can have besides Tandoori Chicken? Would consider this a prime time to fast, BUT, I’m a stress eater and travel is stressful, so I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

Thanks in advance!

(Ethan) #2

Do you work for a large company? Do you have diabetes? If you can get a doctor to write you a letter that your ketogenic diet is a medically necessary diet, the company may be required to give you want you need to keep that diet, such as a higher per diem.

(Kim Miller) #3

no diabetes. Pharma company, not worried about per diem, have 85./day, but afraid i won’t FIND what I CAN eat

(Ethan) #4

A lot may depend on where in India you are going.

(Kim Miller) #5

Hyderabad, India?


I read that Hyderabad is becoming India’s beef capital… you can even find a steak house there.

(Kim Miller) #7

REALLY? you’re kidding. even if so, is it safe to eat meat there (USA)? Its not processed the same as here, who knows whats living inside those cows?! can i travel bacon?


I was curious, so I looked it up… I googled Hyderabad Beef and it came back pretty positive.


My understanding about traveling (I have done some for work) is that food that is served hot is generally safe to eat. But you will need to do your own research in order to feel ok about it.

(Kim Miller) #10

thanks Lonnie. Will have to figure it all out! Appreciate your info

(Teresa (turtle)) #11

Maybe try this service out while you’re there? It has good Google reviews.

(Duncan Kerridge) #12

How long are you going to be there? I’ll give you the same advice I give everyone travelling to India, don’t eat meat or uncooked vegetables while you’re there.

I received the same advice before I went for two weeks in a group of ten people. I pretty much just ate vegetable curries and dal the whole time. One other person in the group ate like me, the rest ate meat and salads and all had violently upset stomachs. I’m not vegetarian but I was in India.

(Kim Miller) #13

That is really helpful. what is curries and dal? I know this is TMI, but were they vomiting? Reason I ask, again TMI, i had a reflux procedure done 15 years ago called a nissen fundoplication and I am unable to vomit! Obviously, the body vomits to get rid of toxic substances and bad germs and I don’t have that as an option. Am i able to bring packaged goods in? Im thinking no?!

(Duncan Kerridge) #14

Both ends if I recall …

Dal is a staple food in India :, a curry is a curry… Paneer is Indian cheese, quite delicious. You should be able to eat vege fairly easily there and I don’t think most meat is actually unsanitary but the bugs Indian stomachs are used to are different to Western ones. Staying Keto might be tricky but you should be able to keep you carbs low-ish while you’re there.

(Duncan Kerridge) #15

Probably not, but I’m not sure. Most countries are fairly strict about importing foodstuffs. You would have to look that up.

(Bud Zimmerman) #16

The company I work for build an office in Hyderabad as did many US companies. The area caters to westerners. Just hearing from coworkers who have gone there, you will be able to find plenty to eat. Even have Mcdonalds and KFC.

(Kim Miller) #17

really!? awesome and please ask if they would trust a mcdouble with no bun from there? I’d be set if so!

(Kim Miller) #18

OH, BOY. “there is no pork or beef in any McDonalds in India” back to the drawing board…

(Jo O) #19


Curry Cauliflower
Spinach paneer

Dal is lentils might be higher in carbs than you want.

(Jo O) #20

Contact Headbanger’s Kitchen on youtube. He might be able to direct you to local ketoians.