(Sang ma) #21

I am from India originally. I took a friend from the US last year - he had no issues eating chicken, fish, goat (like lamb), paneer. I would avoid shrimp. There’s plenty of options in non vegetarian foods. Avoid fresh cut (uncooked) vegetables and fruits - unless you wash them yourself in mineral water. Avoid Ice - might be from tap water.
My mouth waters when I think of chicken tikka, paneer tikka, tandoori chicken, goat masala, fish fry - all can be prepared Keto and soooooo yum :yum:. Enjoy your trip - just don’t eat street food however tempting it looks lol.

(Kim Miller) #22

Sangeeta! Thank you, so helpful. My parent company is Dr. Reddys (an indian company) so we have several events in NJ where they serve traditional indian food, I just never pay much attention, and eat what i recognize. Why avoid shrimp in India? But fish is ok?

(Sang ma) #23

Somehow I have not felt great when eating shrimp there- maybe it’s not deveined - not sure. But they have delicious fish - and easily Keto. Palak paneer (spinach with cottage cheese) is another favorite. And when in doubt get some extra ghee on everything!!

(Sang ma) #24

Also I think Hyderabad is famous for Kabobs - like grilled pieces of meat - extremely Keto and extremely yum straight out of the tandoor (kiln).

(Jo O) #25

Not to be an alarmist…just saw this article about chicken in India.

(JM) #26

Isnt Dal rather high in carbs?

(JM) #27

What was the end result like? I’m off to Pune and Chennai for three weeks shortly and super keen to hear how it went!

(Duncan Kerridge) #28

It was a long time before I was eating keto.

(JM) #29

:sweat_smile: Lets hope it goes well for me…

(Rafael Solano) #30

Hi! I have been living here for the last two years and you should not worry about the diet there. Yes, there cuisines vary from place to place and might be a little hard to understand but you can definitely find a lot of beef in the Southern region.

Yes, Hyderabad is a good place for beef but finding a steakhouse would not be easy, I guess (according to routerlogin).

However, if you’re there, then I’d suggest you to try Chicken Biryani. It is like the best in all over India.

(JM) #31

Thanks for the reply. Doesn’t this dish contain basmati rice?


Hmm, if you have a diet, then it must have been very difficult for you to move this trip to India? I know that they use a lot of hot spicy spices for cooking, which is not recommended for a person with a diet. Only rice remains. Tell me how you survived it. As a person with stomach problems, I can understand you. Because I’m on a special diet, too. However, I was more fortunate with the trip. I am sent to Ontario to this hotel ( I already found out, there will be no problems with food and entertainment. Moreover, I think that this work trip will be a small vacation for me.

(dur) #33

I totally get the pre-travel jitters, especially when it comes to food. I guess it’s a big problem to have keto during a trip to India…

(Shadowhearted) #34

India’s culinary scene is as diverse as it gets! While it’s true that vegetarianism is common, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the array of non-veg options available.

As for stress eating, I hear you loud and clear. Travel can be overwhelming, but it’s also an opportunity to savor new flavors and experiences. Maybe pack some healthy snacks to keep those cravings at bay while you’re on the go.

And hey, if you ever need travel insurance for peace of mind, I’ve had positive experiences with Sagicor Costa Rica.

(KM) #35

Part of the challenge of exploration traveling, generally, is that the traditional dishes that sustained our divergent cultures as they grew primarily involved inexpensive carbohydrate. Whether it’s mofongo, biryani, steamed pudding, hand made pasta, injera, haggis, congee, potato soup, corn tortillas or biscuits and gravy, the most available, unique (and usually affordable) beloved cultural specialties are rarely low carb. It can be expensive and challenging to find culturally representative dishes we can eat with ease. The more economically challenged, the harder it gets.

My MO isn’t perfect, but I do try to identify things I want to sample that are at least low-er carb before I go, and I do give myself permission to go off piste for a few once-in-a-life experiences when I’m traveling. YMMV, for me cultural food is a very important element of entertainment travel, and a limited place I’m willing to break my own rules.

(Bob M) #36

When I went overseas, I was always trying new things. Some of that was asking the server what he/she thought was good.

If you’re lucky and can walk a lot, it might not be that bad.