Tracking software


Last update on this topic was like a year ago I think. I looked at Lose it and Myfitness pal but they both are like 40$ a year. I dont mind paying something but I’d like to get the best one if i do. Is there a consensus? Easy to enter foods and tracks calories and carbs, protein, fat. thats all i am looking for.

(Full Metal Keto) #2

I use Cronometer, it’s free and I like it. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Keto girl living in a carby world) #3

I second cronometer

(Denise) #4

I use Carb Manager - there is a free version which will do what you are describing, and a premium version that does more.

(Mario) #5

cronometer is way better than MFP and supports netto-carbs and keto. beside that, MFPs database is loaded with wrong entrys!


I am pretty happy with cronometer. It does what I was looking for although some of the premium features would also be nice. I don’t think I am willing to pay for a “custom keto diet” but thanks