Top 12 Keto Myths Debunked After 150,000 Days of Patient Care

(Carl Keller) #1

The actual study:

(Bob M) #2

I like the top one (did not read the second one). They cited to this study, which was a good one, though technically not keto (they injected BHB):

(Polly) #3

Reassuring on many levels. Thanks Carl.

(Susan) #4

Thanks for showing that to us @CarlKeller

I bookmarked this to show my kids!

(Wendy) #5

Very good! Nice to read something Positive from the medical community.

(Will knit for bacon. ) #6

Very interesting! I shared it to Facebook and tagged my mother in it - she’s a type 2 diabetic who absolutely refuses to take care of herself and I’m thisclose to descending on her kitchen and replacing 95% of her groceries with bacon and steaks.

(Wendy) #7