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(Victoria ) #1

Hi, all. I’m more or less new here on the forum. I’ve been keto since early February and down about 36 pounds from my highest known weight. Not the most impressive number out there for nearly 6 months, but the NSVs are tremendous as far as I’m concerned. Here goes . . .

  • Increased energy: more desire to explore creative keto cooking, clean house, do projects, get out in the garden, and am walking about 10 brisk miles each week
  1. Mental sharpness: it counts for a lot in my line of work (I’m a medical coder). I’m trying to get a remote gig and recently did really well on both inpatient and outpatient tests, something my interviewer said is quite unusual. Also, I’ve never been a morning person and relied on IV infusions of strong coffee. I now get up before the alarm wakes me, alert as can be. I’m consuming less caffeine and not having afternoon crashes.
  2. Less inflammation: I can tell by the color of my cheeks that my rosacea is slowly subsiding and my joints and muscles are less achey. I got an hsCRP done in May (after 3 months) the result was less than ideal but not out of the reference range, but I’ve no doubt that things are moving in the right direction.
  3. Improved mood: I wouldn’t say that I was seriously depressed to begin with, but my mood in general is better than my preketo days. In fact, somtimes I’m positively elated for no apparent reason!
  4. Ability to IF and feel great: I never was a breakfast eater, so that meal was easy to skip and now Ive moved on to lunch too. I no longer have to prep and schlep food to work and am getting out and walking instead of spending my measly half hour chewing and swallowing at the shared lunch table. Water, tea and the occasioal pinch of pink salt are all I need. I have no doubt that I could skip dinner too, but my nonketo husband would probably lose his mind if I did.

Gotta stop now and get cracking in the kitchen . . .


Hi Victoria, Congratulations and well done!!! It feels good… I started mid Feb’18 and have lost 12 kg= 26 lbs but the inches count too!

Everything you talk about I understand completely. My hubby decided to join me( doesn’t need to lose weight but wants the mental clarity/ energy/ reduction of inflammation which I enjoy!

Keep going and do keep in touch. :smile: Ali

(Victoria ) #3

Thanks, Ali, and best of luck to my you and your husband! Mine isn’t quite willing to commit to going completely keto, even though he has dialed the carbs back a lot and has given up grains, except for a few crackers here and there.


Hi Victoria ,my apologies for very late reply. Been exceptionally busy so my log in to this site has dropped dramatically! Would like to say though that my own blood results just 2 weeks ago were excellent and I continue to feel great. The scales don’t change much but the inches continue to drop. Whilst I would like the scales to drop further I know I’m a lot healthier, have encouraged friends to try this WOE with success and my husband is benefitting significantly. All is good! Hope you are doing very well too? We adopted another rescue dog a month ago too; a senior boy so enjoying his new joy in our home x

(Victoria ) #5

Congratulations on your continued health and your hubby’s too! And how exciting to have a new dog in the house! We have a 6 yo mutt we adopted from the local shelter as a pup and this morning we’re mailing his DNA samples in so we’ll soon know for certain what’s in the mix. We’re jazzed about that.

I’ve continued to slowly lose a bit of weight and am close to being no longer clinically obese, merely overweight and my waist is out of the metabolic syndrome range. My husband is still resistant to full-on keto but is definitely low-carb and has seen some benefits from that (weight loss and improved gut symptoms).

Just last week, we celebrated our first Thanksgiving since I’ve been keto. (I take it that you’re from the UK or some nearby/commonwealth country from your English style, so I don’t know how familiar you are with the holiday.) It’s a big deal here and is the antithesis of keto. Heaps of carbs upon yet more carbs dusted with sugar! I did some minor flexing, such as adding a little sweet potato and rutabaga to the side dishes, but otherwise kept it keto and it was a resounding success! In fact, my husband preferred the pork rind dressing to the bread-based version I made at his request.

By the way, don’t worry about not getting back to me sooner. I honestly don’t understand how people find the time for constant social media use!

Best wishes,


Hi Victoria, Yes our “old new pup” is a joy! Do let me know what your fur baby’s DNA shows up! Not sure we can even do that in the UK! Dual citizenship ie British and NZ citizenship; so good guess! Have lived in both countries but currently in UK…

Understand Thanksgiving but never “experienced” it. Sounds like a great excuse to celebrate with family and friends, but like here overindulge! Planning for Christmas is already hard as we have visitors coming for a week and so will be a challenge! Do find sweet potato in small quantities to be a good option, plus love cauliflower mash and veggies . I eat about a third of what I used to and feel very healthy, both physically and mentally!

Funnily enough, I left facebook recently having only joined a few months earlier. I realised it was eating into my life too much. I now prefer to do physical stuff ie walking, playing with the dog, gardening, laying tiles , painting etc etc !!!

Happy Festive Season for when it arrives!
A x

(Pete A) #7

Who you tryin to impress, you’re doing great!

The only way to go is d o w n…

Thanks for sharing.

(Victoria ) #8

Aw, gee. Thanks Pete! It’s so easy to be self-critical…

(Victoria ) #9

Hope this email finds you well and your preparations for your Christmas guests coming along.

I’m happy about my recent progress, having made it to the cusp of obese and merely overweight.

Since you asked: I got the news this morning about my dog’s parentage, which is more complex than expected! Wisdom Panel says he’s 12.5 percent of the following breeds: Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, German Shepherd and Chow Chow, with more distant relatives of undetermined terrier/herding/mountain dog persuasion. We were told that he was an Australian Shepherd and cattle dog mix. Here’s a picture of him at a local dog park…

~ Victoria