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Hi Everyone just turned the TV on and caught the last 2 minutes of this programme. I will need to go to catch up to watch. Interested in your thoughts? I eat vegetarian 2-3 nights/week. We tried vegan for 2 months about 10 years ago. The options were too limited for us, plus the risk of osteoporosis as seen in family and friends. Interesting debate? Can we be keto and vegan??? I don’t have an answer ………

I’ve attached a link but not sure it will work .


(Ellen) #2

Saw that as was flicking through channels, will (maybe) watch it on catch up this weekend. I’ve seen people on here doing vegan / veggie keto but it sounds much more difficult.


Hi Ellen, I will watch it on catch up at some point but I don’t watch TV very often so would welcome your thoughts, good or bad!!! Ali

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #4

It’s possible, but not very easy, and requires certain supplements, I believe.

Regular vegetarian is easier, I understand, especially if you can allow yourself eggs and dairy. Chickens lay whether the eggs are fertilzed or not, so eating an egg doesn’t necessarily involve taking a life, if that is a concern.

The native tribes of North America used to have ceremonies to bless the animals that gave up their lives for food, and I for one think that those of us who eat meat would do well to reacquire that practice.


Thanks Paul for your thoughts. Interesting debate. Very interesting re the native tribes of North America blessing the animals. I agree with this, like you. Though don’t believe if we could ask them they would agree to give up their lives. Like you I love meat and feel so much better for following the KWOE. I also love veggie cooking and I’m much more experimental when I do this. Cheers! Ali

(Colin) #6

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I believe most male chicks are gassed or crushed at birth because they’re not profitable from an egg-laying point of view.

(Edith) #7

Why wouldn’t they just raise the males for meat?

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #8

The cocks are desirable for meat, and for producing more chicks. Hens can be used for meat when done laying, but they are a lot older at that point than most of the chicken sold in the shops, and I believe not as tasty. (“Chicken” technically means a bird under a year old.)

Chicken-sexing is a high-level skill, requiring a fair amount of training, by the way. (The skill was developed by a Japanese agronomist into something that could be taught.) The process is not error-free, although most chicken-sexers achieve a remarkable degree of speed and accuracy. It can be done on fairly young chicks, but not at birth, is my understanding.


There is a difference between the egg industry and the chicken meat industry, tho there’s some overlap, and I do believe it’s the egg industry that grinds up the rooster chicks. They go into pet food. I know vegans really don’t like this, but dogs and cats gotta eat, too, and from what I understand, as brutal as it is, it’s the quickest way to kill the chicks.

(Colin) #10