Todays Dr's appt went fantastically 🙂

(Chris Wolfgram) #1

So I had been a little concerned that when I told my Dr. I was doing the Keto diet, that she might not agree with this… Even though she is a younger Dr, and has been great so far. When I told her that I was doing the whole Keto thing, she said, “Oh. Okay. And how do you feel like this is working for you” ? I told her, Great so far, and I asked if she noticed my weight loss (her nurse had me weigh before she came in) … She had noticed. I told her, I know it’s been about 6 months since you saw me last, but that 13lb loss was actually in only the last 3 weeks. I also told her that some of my Fibromyalgia symptoms seem to be going away too. I confidently told her, I was going to lose another 25 in the next month or two, and then would reevaluate, and get ready to ramp up the excercising and working out.
Anyway, she and I agreed I should get a complete blood work up now, and then again in about 6 weeks to keep an eye on things as I progressed.
At the end of my appt, I told her I was kind of surprised that she had no problems with Keto. She told me she is seeing more and more solid evidence to show it’s benefits. I told her, I bet you might feel different if you were 30 years older :slightly_smiling_face: She just chuckled and said, "Maybe…

(Edith) #2

Congratulations on the weight loss!

You may want to wait to get that blood work done until you’ve been eating this way for about six months. Sometimes LDL cholesterol goes up early on as your body gets used to utilizing fat and then things settle down by the six month mark.

If you do a search you will find numerous postings where people got blood work done early on in keto and were very disappointed with the results.

(Eric - Less is more!) #3

It is great when doctors are behind you. You may want to set realistic weight loss goals. You lose a lot more at the beginning. If you lose 1 to 2 lbs a week that would be typical.

Of course some people lose faster and some slower. Just manage your own expectations.

(Chris Wolfgram) #4

Thank you. I’m still going to get it done now, but I will keep this in mind. And I’ll still have it done in 6 weeks, and probably again several months later as well.

(Chris Wolfgram) #5

Thank you. Yes, but to be honest, I have always been able to lose weight pretty easily. I’m definitely “not” overweight because I have a slow / poor metabolism, but rather, because I eat like a pig !
But at the same time, When I get something (anything) stuck in my head… Like the Keto diet for example, I go completely OCD with it. There will be ZERO cheats, or slips !!!
BTW, 9 years ago, when I did my first big health turnaround, I lost over 100 lbs in about 5 months. That was the easy part. Took me 5 years to gain 45 lbs of lean muscle… And 6 months to lose it after my back injury :frowning: