To wear a mask


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This stuff gets scarier by the hour, looked locally at the stats this morning and it was 500 and something and it jumped to 600 and something for positive tests and another death within 6 hours. That is crazy.

Nurse uses paint to demonstrate how fast germs can spread while grocery shopping

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@atomicspacebunny Indeed, it’s all very scary.

And there’s good money to be made in making us all feel even more scared than is productive.

Let’s encourage ourselves to stick to the facts and not let all this germ-phobia mindset drive us nuts. After all, we’re INUNDATED in bacteria and viruses … all the time.

There are more individual bacteria riding along in our digestive systems than we have of our own human cells in our entire body.

What to do?!?

Maintain a healthy body - as much as possible - including as healthy an immune system as one can maintain.

Meanwhile, for the sake of others less robust, practice good hygiene - perhaps even wearing a mask in public if there’s any chance you may be a carrier. Symptomatic or not. [That was my still-agnostic tip of the hat to @CaptainKirk :wink:]

But let’s not lose sight of the realities vs. the science fiction promoted by those with a buck to make (clicks, views, advertising, products, political agendas, etc.)

Just my $0.02 (which pales by comparison to $2.2 trillion)

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While I agree that Peak Prosperity has another whole product line and tons of other stuff I don’t get into.
He has a PhD, and he has been on top of this from the beginning… It helped me be prepared.

But watching the video of what is floating in the air, coming from the mouths and lungs of others…
Wow… And how simply effective any kind of mask fundamentally is. Not 100%

anyways, the other countries who have done this are ahead of the game.

Thanks for disagreeing with Civility! :signal_strength:

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@CaptainKirk Always a pleasure, my friend. :vulcan_salute:

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I hadn’t heard that salt kills the virus – interesting idea! What’s your source? Are you using a salt water kind of mixture to spray?

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Not sure how relevant this is but it is something I have found interesting. I wear eyeglasses and when I cook steaks on my grill I get tiny droplets of grease on my glasses, a lot of them. The interesting part is the droplets only get deposited on the side of the lens closest to my face and never on the front side closest to the grill surface. This tells me that without some sort of goggles I suspect that the eyes are fairly open to any airborne invaders.

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I posted 2 previous sources that confirms salt kills this virus within 5 minutes (outside the body esp. on surfaces). Just simple table salt.

I also have 50 pairs of white cloth gloves that I spray with salt (lots of it, incl. face masks) and hospital grade Lysol that also work on computer touch screens so as I touch things when I go shopping I’m decontaminating things as I touch them.

Salt would (logically) have to kill a virus or humans would not be here if you think about this in terms of preserving foods like meat in ancient times.

Bear Bile (caustic components of salts that break down dietary fats) will kill this virus also while in your body, would be the ultimate cure while connected to that ventilator knocking on deaths door.

Bear Bile might kill these (below; HRCT of cysts of pneumocystis pneumonia) or prevent it from occurring also? …according to China?

What actually kills people!

Just need to figure out what the heck is in Bear Bile that kills this thing, if the vaccine fails?


[1] “…Bile acids were regarded as the principle components of bear bile in medical applications. It contained ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA), and cholic acid (CA). …” …More

image link

[2] Effect of Ursodeoxycholic Acid Administration in Patients With Acute Viral Hepatitis: A Pilot Study

[3] Chenodeoxycholic Acid from Bile Inhibits Influenza A Virus Replication via Blocking Nuclear Export of Viral Ribonucleoprotein Complexes

[4] The crucial role of bile acids in the entry of porcine enteric calicivirus

[5] China Recommends Bear Bile to Treat COVID-19, Worrying Wildlife Advocates

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I’ve seen warnings that hepa filters usually have fiberglass fibers.

Not something you want to inhale.

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I guess the benefits may outweigh the risks?

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How To Wear Face Masks Without Fogging Up Your Glasses

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Also if you can find a lozengers (slow drip; a little resistant to dissolving in saliva) without sugar (very important; body will mistaken sugar for Vitamin C) that contain zinc and Vitamin C will prevent viral over-load like a Bat. More specifically for health care workers.

A Bats saliva contains lots (massive amounts) of Vitamin C that’s why they don’t get sick from rabies and other lethal viruses they carry? There larynx is below there lungs and salivary glands drip Vitamin C constantly. Besides other immunological protections.

That is why I think some people are immune (COVID-19) because they have a high Vitamin C and zinc blood serum levels. Having a Vitamin C and Zinc barrier may even make one resistant to COVID-19 even with a compromised immune system.


[1] “…Mäkilä and Kirveskari [126] are the researchers cited for the recorded range of salivary vitamin C concentration at 0.07–0.09 mg per 100 g of wet tissue; 0.07 mg came from the mixture of whole saliva while 0.09 mg came specifically from the parotid gland’s saliva. …” …More

[2] A study of ascorbic acid in human saliva

[3] Effect of Vitamin C on Salivary Total Antioxidant Capacity in Smokers

[4] L-gulonolactone oxidase (EC is an enzyme that produces vitamin C, but is non-functional in Haplorrhini (including humans), in some bats, and in guinea pigs. It catalyzes the reaction of L-gulono-1,4-lactone with oxygen to L-xylo-hex-3-gulonolactone and hydrogen peroxide. It uses FAD as a cofactor. The L-xylo-hex-3-gulonolactone (2-keto-gulono-gamma-lactone) is able to convert to hexuronic acid (ascorbic acid) spontaneously, without enzymatic action. …” …More

Possible relationship between covid-19 and blood sugar
Possible relationship between covid-19 and blood sugar

Thanks, I had this problem in that 10 seconds I tried to wear a mask. I hope I never will need that as it’s annoying (I used a DIY mask made from a thin scarf and rubber bands) but who knows?
Very few people are wearing masks in this country and I don’t even go anywhere near people. But I will, at least once per month, I guess. I mean, going near people. As I surely can’t wear a mask properly (not touching my face a lot) and it’s not encouraged in this country except if we are sick (but then we shouldn’t leave the house. of course, one can’t surely know if they have the virus… but the chance of it is pretty low here), I won’t, I guess.


what ratio of salt and water do you use?

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As much salt as I can dissolve in water and spray out of a tiny spray nozzle, highly concentrated.


Thanks. Will go and do a half and half

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I just started using a nebulizer with a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide. I am using food grade hydrogen peroxide. Both can be purchased on ebay. 10 minutes a day. The solution is said to kill 99% of viruses. Dr Mercola. Do it yourself inexpensive treatment for viral infection. Can’t find link yet.

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I have seen people with cancer do the food grade hydrogen peroxide (is a photo-sensitizer to the COVID-19 virus when exposed to UV light) thing even using a simple spray bottle and periodically spraying it into the air and in-hailing it through mouth and nose after sprayed as an alternative therapy for the cancer.

Table salt I think is a little safer but takes about 5 minutes to kill COVID-19 when in contact with the highly concentrated salt outside the body and maybe even less with hydrogen peroxide immediate especially in sunlight.

COViD-19 can live on surfaces for around 7 hours or more (depending on type) that’s just enough time to infect a lot of people in a highly populated area.

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Id rather just stay away from people. Honestly, it hasn’t been hard to stay at least 6ft, usually much farther, for going on 6 weeks now. I’ve wore a mask 3 X’s for an hour or two, when grocery shopping. That’s the only time I’ve even been 6ft from anyone. Other than that, it’s been more like 10 to 20 ft or more… With me in my own vehicle, and others in theirs.

I feel like a LOT of people in CA have already been subjected to Covid 19, and we’re asymptomatic. I’d love to find out I had been. The antibody test is the one I’m anxious for.