To wear a mask


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2003? Medical science does move on. The asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission in the case of this virus is new science upon which the new CDC guidelines were based.

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We must all do what makes sense to us.

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I use Magnesium oil and spray it all over myself. I use my hands to spread the liquid evenly over my skin. The Mag oil I use is Mag Chloride Brine. Does this mean if I leave the brine on my skin that it might be a temporary barrier?


its not about protecting you as much as it is to protect others from what you have that you may not know you have. even standing in line at the grocery and talking , you leave a little cloud of fine drops that the next person stands in . and so on. but you are right I think about the touching. goggles or even sun glasses help a tad and it takes a bit of practice and mindfulness to wear a mask without constantly readjusting it

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I just ordered these --10 in total, free shipping (will take a month or more to come I am sure but at least we will have them). The next time I go out I plan on covering up with a scarf or something, my reading glasses (that I always have on in the supermarket anyway) and I need some sort of gloves… only have winter ones (but I can use a pair of cheap plastic ones from a hair dying box and do my hair directly with my hands, I guess… haha).


One of the first things they did here was close down the gun shops.

Masks and guns together can lead to trouble.

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I use a little spray bottle of table salt to spray my masks[3] but I was thinking maybe spraying salt on our hands may be good idea[3]?

I use white cloth gloves and spray them with Lysol and salt when I go grocery shopping.


[1] “…Human coronaviruses can remain active on surfaces such as metal, glass, or plastic for up to 9 days after exposure. The best way to deal with that problem is by cleaning those surfaces with a solution that’s 62% to 72% ethanol (denatured alcohol), .5% hydrogen peroxide, or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite (household bleach sold for use in laundering clothes is a 3–8 % solution of sodium hypochlorite at the time of manufacture) within 1 minute of contamination, according to investigators with University Medicine Greifswald and Ruhr University Bochum in Germany whose study ran as an article in press in the Journal of Hospital Infection (JHI) …” …More

[2] EPA CDC Lists of other disinfectant options

[3] Salty masks could kill coronavirus

[4] Disinfectant Concentrations and Contact Times for EPA’s List of Products Effective against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Cause of COVID-19


In my state gun shops are open and the sign says:

No mask, No Gloves, No Service. Wonder if the banks say that as well

We are in a liberal blue state so it is surprising that they are open. One had a line right before the quarantine started


Er no I don’t think so. One can harm others and yourself, guns and the other can only harm you if you are wrong about wearing a mask.

Personally as you said, I think it is because they did not want people hoarding them when they were still available. Now no one can get them for the normal price so there is no harm in letting the public know they may serve a purpose or that covering up serves a purpose even if it is with a piece of cloth

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Of course but some things remain constant. When you breath out, the air is humid, moist! Dont believe me? Breath onto a mirror. We lose 250mls average in insensible loss through our lungs, if we wear a cloth mask it will become moist and lose it’s integrity.
In the UK we, health workers, (should) change our masks every 20mins when dealing with an infectious person. Surgeons are advised to change their masks every 90 - 120 minutes when operating on a non infectious patient.
The composition of masks may have changed since 2003. To be honest I have never given them much thought before, they certainly look the same!
In the SARS outbreak it was found that they gave little protection


The need to protect staff from contamination by patients has become more urgent. A recent study of 40 hospital staff who contracted severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Hong Kong found that all staff had worn masks with a minimum bacterial filtration efficiency of 95 per cent. Staff did not use respirators and only 28 per cent had used eye shields. The implication from these findings is that surgical masks alone do not provide sufficient protection against SARS (Ho et al, 2003).


But, as I said, everyone must do what makes sense to them. As we all do with our WOE. :slightly_smiling_face:


What is the effing matter here??? Why this nonsensical discussion? Of course surgical masks are out of stock and reserved for medical personel. Is it too much to ask to tie a scarf around your mouth and nose like the bandits used to do, or wrap a shawl around your lower head? Whats the fuss? It doesn’t have to be airtight or perfect. It helps minimise the risk nonetheless when you go grocery shopping. And it is not just about protecting others but also about protecting yourself from infection because it can help to ward off the droplets. Is this really SO complicated? In China it is the LAW. And we cant come up with something similar? Their paper masks arent magic or airtight or sprinkled with fairy dust. It is still just a simple barrier and not 100% efficient- but I`ll take 80% or 50%! And any old piece of cloth in front of our nose and mouth will do similar. Of course the masks which hospital staff who treat corona patients use will be far more airtight.

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Takes about 45 seconds

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:man_shrugging: Still feeling somewhat agnostic re: the mask thing. So much conflicting “information” from so many conflicted sources. Hard for me to properly parse.

If nothing else, perhaps guns can keep those not wearing masks at a safer distance?

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Recent mask failures worth noting…

Handling jewelry raises suspicions…

Fishnet provides insufficient viral protection…

Rips produce ineffective protection…

Need one say more? …

Others worth sharing?

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First EVERYONE should do what they feel comfortable doing.
But countries that embraced masks EARLY and QUICKLY did BEND the curve!

Watch the video below which SHOWS how much we SPEW out of our mouths.
Wearing a mask protects OTHERS from YOU! Especially if you are an Asymptomatic Carrier!

Mask Hygiene Matters in a HOSPITAL a LOT MORE than for protecting others from you!
If EVERYONE protected others from THEM, it would be safer to go outside, and we could
get back to work sooner!

Look, I have sewn up like 10 masks for my family. We wear them if we are going to the store, or interacting. I also wear gloves.

The PURPOSE of the mask is to:

  1. Stop ME from breathing OUT so much virus (watch the video)
  2. Reduce how much virus I could possibly breathe in, from someone who might be infected, and breathing/coughing/sneezing in the area
  3. Remind me/prevent me from putting my hands in my facial orifices!

The gloves are a double reminder that my hands are “dirty”. I put them on IN the car. Then my mask.
When I come back to the car, I take the mask off by the loops, then my gloves (tucking them inside themselves). I use a sanitizing hand wipe on my hands, steering wheel, etc.

It’s HONESTLY not about 1000% protection. It’s first about protecting EVERYONE ELSE, honestly.
Then THAT protects the AREA, which protects you. I would RATHER someone MISUSE their mask, but wear one. These are skills we have to get better at!

We use a bleach/spray rag, and the stuff goes in the sink, my wife wipes it down with the rag/spray, then it goes on the counter. then it is put away, we wash our hands, and the sink.

(Joey) #56

One of the challenges of requiring that we all wear masks (while running our essential errands) is that most people wind up touching their face even more often … adjusting, scratching, putting on/off, handling the ear loops, scratching, more adjusting, defogging glasses, eye-dabbing, another ear scratch, etc.

Honestly: Is it that surprising that many people find that having a cloth elastic doo-dad dangling from their ears and riding upon their nose and mouth doesn’t serve to reduce face-touching?

As has been said before, the difference between theory and practice is that, in theory, practice works. In practice, however, theory often doesn’t.

Again, personally I’m agnostic about the idea of insisting that the general population wear masks. Am still keeping an open mind - while trying to form a view based on real facts. Not the other kind of input we often get instead.

If nothing else, mask wearing looks like we’re doing something. So maybe that’s worth something ? … even if it doesn’t actually accomplish much in terms of bending any epidemiological curves. It makes us feel better, and feeling better is always worth considering. :mask:

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If I am safer wearing a mask but I over estimate the protection and leave home more frequently I could increase the odds I contract covid-19.

I could be wrong but I think if I caught covid-19 and died my family and friends would be adversely impacted. And I might spread the infection before I realize I’ve caught it. Though I would agree that accidentally killing others with a virus is more socially acceptable than accidentally killing them with bullets.


Depends where you live, if you are in a low incidence area you are probably going to leave the house, if you are in a high incidence area you are staying put unless you have to go out and either way you will be safer (you and everyone else) covering up. I am in one of the highest areas in the country, several weeks ago I thought nothing of wandering around looking for toilet paper (pre quarantine but quite a lot of cases in my area already) and I had masks and believed the CDC when they said they were not needed and I did not wear one. Over this weekend I needed to go out and get supplies (large family) and frankly even with a mask and gloves I was hyperventilating at the idea and questioning whether it is worth it. Sure there are always those that will go out and I saw quite a few wearing a mask around their neck rather than their faces because they could not stand it but the vast majority are following along

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Joey, quick question… Did you watch that short 7 minute video?
I doubt it based on your response… Because IF you can watch that video, and need see a need for a mask to protect OTHERS and YOURSELF. Even a 50% improvement (reduction) of stuff flying around is a HUGE benefit!

(Joey) #60

Quick answer: Yup, seen it.

With all due respect to you, @CaptainKirk, “Peak Prosperity” is produced by a whack-a-doodle. :crazy_face: Have you seen the various other topics this dude has been putting out since 2008? He’s been trying to scare folks for the past 12 years.

Having said that, I’ve also seen several other more reliable sources making similar points to this quack (with far more compelling illustrations).

Like I said, I’m open to being convinced. But I prefer my science served straight up. Not websites that hawk content by working viewers up into a lather.

Meanwhile, as I keep an open mind, I’m trying not to hyperventilate. :wink: